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EC Higher Education: One of the world's leading educational institutions

With a history of high quality education, EC Higher Education has since become a recognized brand, trusted and promoted by students from all over the world through the national network. increasingly developed.

Since 1991, the EC has become a nationally-based, nation-wide educational institution spread across continents. EC welcomed 45,000 students from 140 countries.

This institution is constantly striving to stay at the forefront of advances in education and technology, and work to bring the best, measurable results to their students. Their principle and mission is to help students succeed in a global community and to enhance international conversation.


Fredonia is a comprehensive university in western New York offering bachelor's and master's degrees and advanced certificate programs.

Fredonia has what you are looking for in an education. With over 4,800 students in a beautiful residential neighborhood, this is a perfect combination of campus size and diversity. Fredonia offers you the academic challenge of a selective university, committed to developing your character and preparing you for a rewarding career.

Fredonia has programs and strong experience in the fields of science, business, education, the arts, humanities, doctoral studies, interdisciplinary and athletic studies - all designed to help you grow. Fredonia offers you a complete university experience in a diverse and safe creative environment. It helps you connect nicely with your classmates, professors, and the community. The lively campus has comfortable rooms, fine dining options and extensive extracurricular options to keep your evening and weekend as attractive as your daily research.


Expenses / current semester


$ 8,160.00

SUNY College Tuition

$ 12.50

Student Services Fee

$ 789.50

Room rental (double)

$ 3.800.00

Meal plan (Option 1)

$ 2,515.00

International fee

$ 180,00

All new international students will be eligible for renewal scholarships ranging from $ 1,500 to $ 3,000. To be considered for these awards, students are required to enroll in full-time students, live in college residences and maintain a GPA of 2.8.


The UC Santa Cruz campus is a multi-disciplinary research and teaching center that offers masters and media programs, engineering faculties, new offices of industry alliances and commercialization of technology. .

UC Santa Cruz is working with industry partners including Cisco Systems, SanDisk, Amazon, Veritas, Toshiba and other partners to create new opportunities in Silicon Valley research and education.

UCSC Silicon Valley welcomes international students. The school's international program has grown to attract students from over 30 countries. Because they give students the opportunity to experience personal technology and dynamic innovation.

Why choose UCSC Silicon Valley?

- Become qualified in less than a year.

- Get valuable work experience in Silicon Valley.

- Learn from industry experts and experts. Lecturers are industry experts and specialists who are currently working in their field. The faculty have strong academic credentials and are approved by the University of California.

- Elective postgraduate after graduation. Once you complete your qualification, you may qualify for a 12-month paid work visa on your student visa with Optional Practical Training (OPT), issued through USCIS (Immigration Service and US Citizenship).

- Connectivity opportunities are valuable.

Professional Certificate Program: Applied and Physical Sciences, Business Management, Technology.

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering: Communication and Wireless Networks, Signal Processing and Imaging, Adaptive and Applied Optics, Biomedical Devices and Microelectronics, Electronics and Photonics , Remote Sensing, VLSI, MEMS, and Nanotechnology.



Hartford University is committed to helping you create the path to your success, providing a unique environment - a culture of special education that helps maintain confidence, confidence, long-term friendship. long, passion for learning and a full life skill.

Founded in 1957, Hartford University is an excellent choice for undergraduate and graduate students seeking a Masters degree in Engineering, Business, Fine Arts or a dozen other highly desirable fields.

The University of Hartford offers a variety of specializations and you can choose any school for your course. In the final semester of the international Pathway program, you will be introduced to the academic adviser. This advisor will help you plan for the rest of your degree program. Affiliated schools include:

- College of Arts and Sciences.

- Barney Business School.

- Hartford School of the Arts.

- College of Engineering, Technology and Architecture.

- College of Education and Health.

- Multimedia Design and Development Center.

- Hartt School.

- English Language Institute (ELI).

- The Hartford English Language Institute (ELI) offers a comprehensive academic program for international students who need to improve their English skills.

EC Higher Education is one of the UE school partners to participate in the "USA, Canada, Australia and other countries Education Fair 2018 "  Organized by UE Corp. and ISN. There will be many interesting and useful information about the scholarship program for you.

If interested, wish to know the details of the program and register to participate in one of two ways:

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