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Dorset College Scholarship

Every year Dorset College provides at least 30 scholarship and financial aid awards to qualified students.

Every year Dorset College provides at least 30 scholarship and financial aid awards to qualified students. Dorset also provides students the chance to get involved with their community by volunteering at local organizations – A great opportunity to help others, gain resume-building experience and learn new skills. If you can demonstrate academic excellence and leadership, you may qualify for a Dorset scholarship at the Dorset College. Contact the Office for further questions.


Entrance Scholarships:

   Dorset College Entrance Scholarships recognize qualities of excellence in Dorset’s incoming students and are awarded to individuals who perform well academically and also show outstanding achievement outside the classroom. These scholarships are available to students who have demonstrated an enthusiastic commitment to their school community, who have made contributions to the society around them through participation in the arts, in athletics, or in community service, and who have exhibited strong potential for leadership which benefits others and strives to make the world a better place for all people.

Entrance Scholarships include:

  • President’s Scholarship $5000
  • Special Talent Scholarship $1000

   To be eligible for an Entrance Scholarship, students must fulfill the following requirements:

Application Process:

  • Student submits completed Dorset College Entrance Scholarship application form. Dorset College Board of Directors and Entrance Scholarship Committee assess student’s Entrance Scholarship eligibility
  • Letter of Notification is sent to student or agent indicating whether or not student has been awarded a Dorset College Entrance Scholarship
  • Student completes the registration process at Dorset College within the specific period of time indicated on the Letter of Notification

In-Course Scholarship:

   Dorset College’s Student Scholarship Committee awards up to 10 In Course Scholarships to qualified Dorset students each semester (30 scholarships per year). The scholarship competition is open to all Dorset students.
   In order to qualify for a Dorset College Scholarship, scholarship candidates must:

  • Be currently registered as a Dorset College student
  • Demonstrate a high level of academic achievement
  • Maintain a high attendance record
  • Demonstrate that they have contributed to Dorset College in a positive way (Examples: acted as a Student Representative, volunteered to help teachers and/or other students)
  • Write a 500-word essay detailing why they deserve to win a scholarship
  • Submit two written recommendations by teachers
  • The Dorset College Scholarship Committee will take all application requirements and the student’s current English level into account.

   Scholarships will be awarded to the best overall candidates in the amounts of $300 and $500.

   See more at: http://www.dorsetcollege.bc.ca/studentservices/scholarship/#sthash.qnILwR50.dpuf