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Discover interesting things about New Zealand cultural

Each country has its own culture, but when it comes to New Zealand we think of a unique and diverse culture that can not be confused with any other country in the world.

When you have the dream of studying in New Zealand, take the time to discover interesting things inside this fast-paced economy and world-class education.

1. "I am a kiwi"

This is a phrase that you will often hear from New Zealanders, it is interesting to know that kiwifruit is a symbol of this country. Do you know why?

This bird lives only in New Zealand. And when the people say, "I'm a Kiwi," it means "I'm New Zealand and I'm proud of my country!"

2. Maori natives make up more than 15% of the population

New Zealand's distinctive culture was formed and developed, thanks in large part to the contribution of the Maori Aboriginal people, although they make up only about 15% of the total population.

If suddenly you meet the Maori stick out tongue and roll your eyes. Do not be scared! That is the way they are welcoming you with all the affection.

3. Yachts

Named the country of the sails, New Zealand will bring you cool ocean breezes alongside famous marinas such as Auckland Harbor, The Boatworks, Gulf Harbor Marina, ...

Highlights include Auckland - a young, modern and dynamic city with a European identity with a picture of nature that is both beautiful and majestic.

4. Christmas party

Speaking of Christmas, we all think of a cold winter night with snow, with Christmas trees and warm love and good wishes. But are you surprised when, in New Zealand, the summer is the Christmas season?

The image that you will encounter during the Christmas season of this friendly country is reindeer, old snowmobiles, especially matchmakers and live bands performing a festive performance. Of the whole people.

5. Beautiful food

If you come to New Zealand, in addition to studying, give yourself a bit of time on weekends for sightseeing in this beautiful country and enjoy culinary delights that can not be mixed with the way. Beautifully laid out by the artist's chef's hands on the dish. These include Pavlova, wine or casserole, ...

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