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Details about Internship and Co-op programs

If you want to have more experience working at a foreign company or improve your life skills while studying in Canada, Intership and Co-op programs are the standard for you.

At present, in Canada, there are many colleges and universities offering co-op or internship programs throughout the course of their studies, which means that students are intermingled with companies. Apply knowledge learned to the actual environment. For example: Humber College, George Brown College, Cape Breton University, Fleming College ...

So what is the Co-op program and the Internship program?
Co-operative Education Programs:
 The Co-op Program is a specially designed course designed to help students accumulate work experience and apply theory to practice. Instead of learning theories in class, Co-op programs allow students to work at companies for credit.
- Requirements for students participating in this program:
• International students wishing to participate in Co-op must apply for a Work Permit as well as a Study Permit
• Students must have a valid Study Permit
• The work you intend to do is one of the study programs and is provided by an appointed educational institution, with a letter of confirmation by the responsible representative of the institution.
• The Co-op semester must not exceed 50% of the program

Internship program:
- Internship is an internship program in Canada that gives you the opportunity to bring your English language skills and knowledge to the job. If you want to have work experience around the world and improve the value of your resume or resume, or you need to improve your English skills with a practice internship. Big company.
-    Characteristics:
• Fixed duration, supervised work experience in place, employers focused on job training related to your research.
• Mainly work full-time in summer and part-time in the school year
• Can be paid or unpaid
• You can join the Internship multiple times with the same employer or multiple employers in the field of study to identify specific areas of interest.
 Advantages of the program:
- Students can apply academic knowledge to the practical work process
- Students will get to know the professional working environment, global: time pressure, negotiation, norms ...
- Students can accumulate their best work experience in the professional working environment of leading Canadian businesses and organizations.
- Students are hone their work skills, job skills and professional skills
- After graduation will have the advantage of applying for a job and apply for permanent residence, the excellent students will have the opportunity to work at the place where they practice.
- Students will have more income, improve life

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