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Deakin University - A reputed university at Victoria State, Australia

Always being the leader about quality of research and education – Deakin University is worth to be a sparkling star in Australia sky or a golden destination for students who wish to study in this kangaroo country

Always being the leader about quality of research and education – Deakin University is worth to be a sparkling star in Australia sky or a golden destination for students who wish to study in this kangaroo country.

Deakin University is a young university of Australia which is sponsored by Australian Government. School is also a member of Association of Australia Universities and Association of Federal Universities in Australia. Since 1970 of establishment to present, Deakin tries to follow a great target of being one of the most reputation universities of the world.  With wonderful traditional qualities in teaching and researching, Deakin University made a strong prestigious not only in this nation but also over the world.  

Some sketches about Deakin University

Deakin University has 04 campuses at Victoria State, one at Melbourne, two at Geelong and the last one at Warrnambool that are attracting over 43,000 students with nearly 1/5 students are the foreigners from over 100 different nations all over the world.

Although each campus has its own features, all of them still have convenient position and ease to come there by public transportation or cars with large parking areas in the campuses. Moreover, you will always meet a community environment of heartiness and friendliness that provide students a helpful learning behavior. You also discover many specialized support services for necessary of local students and international students. Many clubs and organizations make so many chances to make friend and join in school activities.

UE Chairman-Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thoi was in visit at Deakin University

Melbourne Campus at Burwood

Melbourne campus at Burwood is the largest campus of Deakin University with wide spaces welcome students to harmony and study, creative architectures, new large buildings and many wireless fidelity areas.


Geelong campus at Waurn Ponds

Geelong campus at Waurn Ponds has areas which are a stretched landscape and large sport centers. Being the second largest campus, this place also has a medical school of Deakin University.


Campus of Geelong Waterfront

Geelong Waterfront campus is a historical building which was renewed completely at trading mall center of Geelong with a view opposite to colorful Corio Bay.


Warrnambool Campus

Be located on two banks of Hopkins River and near the great beaches which are famous on the world, Warrnambool campus of Deakin is a community of friendliness to make cordial relationships between students and staff.

Specially, whether you study at any public campuses, each of Deakin courses follows the same system of high standards, regardless of any campus. A Bachelor of Science degree in Burwood will take value equivalent with a Bachelor of Science degree in Warrnambool or Geelong campus. The unique difference is class size and optional subjects.


Overwhelming numbers about quality

When it comes to Deakin University, we always discuss about reputing awards in quality of teaching and training. Let mark some typical awards! In 2014, Deakin Univesity is the best honor at Ceremony of Victoria International Education Awards (VIEAs). Three awards in this ceremony made Deakin become one of the leading universities at Victoria State in providing education services for international students and supporting career orientation.

Besides, school gets so many other academic awards and good appreciations by many different single research organizations:

• Being ranked in Top 3% of leading universities of the world based on Times Higher Education (THE), QS and ARWU.

• Be listed in Top 50 universities under 50 years of establishment by QS

• Be ranked at 32nd of the world about specialized subjects in education and training based on QS rankings by subject 2015.

• Be listed in Top 100 of the world in Politics subject by QS rankings by subject 2014.

• Be voted in Top 200 of the world in subjects of Media based on QS rankings by subject 2014.

• Be ranked at 2nd position about supporting career consultation for students, at 5th about chance of getting job after graduating and at 6th about practical working experience based on International student International Survey Bureau 2014.


Being diverse and abundant in training programs

Deakin University provides training programs of 550 courses with different  majors in undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree and research for main majors: architecture and construction environment, communication media and creative art, human and social science, Medicine, Business and law, Nursing and maternal department, Psychology, Health Care, Science and environment, Information Technology, Sports.

Beside of main course, Deakin University English Language Institute – DUELI also provides courses which equip helpful knowledge for students who need English skills to attend Deakin Universtiy and other university education organizations in Australia.


Wonderful student support services

Deakin University provides student support programs which are formed for foreign students – from airport shuttle, accommodation and orientation service to study consultation and social activities.


Interesting Scholarships

International students in Deakin University at present and future will be eligible to apply many scholarships for their university life. Scholarships will be granted with excellent academic results and different choosing criteria.

Currently, there is an interesting scholarship program for excellent students with GPA 7.5 and IELTS 5.5. Follow university site at http://www.deakin.edu.au/ and register immediately!

Let see some pictures from the visit to Deakin University of Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thoi-UE Chairman. This event will be a chance to encourage for our UE and this university at present and also in far future. View more pictures

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