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Curtin Singapore: Studying in Singapore, obtaining an Australian degree

Curtin is a public university and is the third largest institution in Australia in terms of the number of international students. Curtin University is located in the city of Perth - the capital of Western Australia - the vibrant city with the fastest economic growth in Kangaroo country.

Ranked among the top 10 universities in Australia by the Times Higher Education 2016 and receiving excellent 5 stars by QS Stars University Ratings 2017, Curtin University offers a global education. . Curtin currently has around 46,000 students studying at facilities around the world (mainly in Perth and Sydney) and more than 10,000 international students from 120 countries studying in Australia. In addition to the main campus located in Perth, Curtin College also has other campuses in Singapore and Malaysia. Regardless of where you study at Curtin campus, you will have the opportunity to start and advance your career in the regional and international development environment.

Ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide by QS Universities Ranking 2017 and the 200th best university in the world by the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2017, Curtin teaches the majors Practical with frequent updates from related professions, this helps the graduates of the university have the knowledge and skills needed to work in a dynamic business environment.

With its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, Curtin University equips students with the skills they need to be fully confident and ready to start their careers after graduation.

Curtin transferred his studies to Singapore in 1986, and opened a Singapore campus worth $ 20 million in 2008. The campus is nestled in a beautiful garden, providing students with an environment of learning. set quiet. The campus is close to the commercial center of Singapore, one of Asia's largest economic centers. The Curtin Singapore campus is well-equipped with the necessary facilities to provide students with a comfortable and effective learning environment.


Why Curtin Singapore?

- The Curtin University Curriculum is based in Singapore

Curtin developed a partnership with Singapore by establishing a $ 20 million campus in Singapore in 2008

- The degree and scorecard is provided by Curtin Australia, equivalent to studying in Australia

- International Environmental Study Experience: Opportunity to transfer to the Perth campus

- Save time (1 year) compared to study in Australia: Bachelor (2 years), Master (1 year) with quality programs and qualifications not different from Australia. A one-year savings in study time means you can save up to a year's living expenses (AUD $ 20,000). Students are still eligible for Curtin Australian Curtin Curtin Curtin curriculum.

- Curtin Singapore tuition is 40% cheaper than tuition fees at Curtin Australia and schools are on par with Australian Curtin. Example: The total tuition fee for the Bachelor of Commerce program at Curtin Singapore is about SGD 52,000 for 2 academic years. While the total tuition fee for the Bachelor of Commerce program at Curtin Australia and schools on a par with Australian Curtin is close to 90,000 AUD for three years.

While studying at Curtin Singapore, if you wish to transfer to Australia to complete your program, there are two cases: If you move to Curtin Australia, you will receive a 100% just finished at Curtin Singapore.

- If a student wishes to transfer to any Australian university, the credit exemption will be subject to the school's approval. However, in recent cases, you are also exempted from the 80% of Curtin Singapore credits.

- However, please note: In order to transfer to Australia, Curtin student's GPA must be good enough.

- Students must still meet all Australian visa requirements.

- Time to review visa quickly.


University Foundation Program

- Communication College

- College of Commerce

University program

- Bachelor of Communication

- Accountant


- Finance

- Administration

- International Business Administration

- Logistics and Supply Chain Management

- Marketing


- Accounting and Finance

- Accounting and Banking

- Finance and Administration

- Finance and banking

- Finance and Marketing

- Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Marketing

- Human Resource Management and Management

- Management and Marketing

- Marketing and Advertising

Post - graduate program

- Master of Global Business Administration

- Master of International Business

- Master of Supply Chain Management

- Master of Project Management


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