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Cost of studying in New Zealand

Not only is it famous for its highly rated education system, New Zealand is also a beautiful, multicolored natural landscape with snow-capped mountains, cold glaciers, fresh grasslands and jet streams. It's a little blurry, ... With the gift of the land, it must be a perfect choice for students who are passionate about exploring and traveling to supplement their knowledge and living capital.

New Zealand is considered by many students around the world to be the ideal destination for study by leading modern education, especially the cost of studying and living is relatively suitable for financial ability. Of the students than the other expensive countries such as the United States, Australia, Britain, ...
From that point, the biggest concern of students who wish to study in this country is the question "What is the cost of studying in New Zealand?". Let's study UE UE study and solve this problem nhé!

1. Tuition (1 NZD exchange rate ~ 16,500 VND)
The first concern of any international student is the tuition fee. The cost will depend on the industry and the school you choose to study.
University: 18,000 - 25,000 / year
After University: 20,000 - 30,000 / year
2. Housing (exchange rate 1 NZD ~ 16,500 VND)
When you choose to study in New Zealand, you will have many options of housing with many advantages and different types of fees.
- If you prefer self-sufficiency you can rent your own apartment and stay with friends, with this form, your cost will range from NZD 180 NZD to NZD 200 per week.
Homestay accommodation costs between NZ $ 200 and NZD 270 per week, so you will not have to worry about food or water, electricity or the internet.
In addition, you can also rent apartments in the campus of the university, convenient to exchange experiences with friends in the Faculty, in the school costs from NZD 330 to NZD 365 per week.

Rent a private home 180-200 per week
Homestay 200 - 270 per week
Apartment in the school 330 - 365 per week

3. Travel expenses
Choosing the right accommodation will also affect your study budget, as it will depend on the distance from home to school and vice versa. On average you will spend 30-35 NZD per week for travel expenses.

4. Food expenses
This cost depends on your personal needs and your daily expenses, with an average of NZ $ 60-80 per week. If you have a habit of eating out or snacking, the cost will be higher.

5. Other costs

Study abroad means you will live an independent life with many expenses such as electricity, gas, phone bills, etc. UE study offers you some medium cost when you travel. Studying in New Zealand weekly, like electricity, water and gas, is 20-25 NZD; Internet and telephone are 6-10 NZD; Books are 20-25 NZD; And entertainment is 50 - 80 NZD; ...

This is a cost that is considered to be affordable to most international students, with a detailed cost table provided by UEU, hopefully you can identify and establish a spending plan. This is a reasonable expense, as well as a track record of spending while studying in New Zealand.

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