Bạn cần hỗ trợ?

Consultant selected to study in Australian schools

In Australia there is no official agency ranked universities. Worldwide, there are reputable independent organization that evaluates and ranks universities. However, the ranking usually is for reference only.

I plan to study in Australia so I'm wondering what the best universities in Australia, please advise help? 
Answer: The quality of education in Australia are evenly by the Ministry of Education and Australian government agencies monitoring and evaluating the quality of education for all educational institutions.Establishment of sufficient quality and ensure that all necessary conditions are allowed to operate and recruit international students. 
In Australia there is no official agency ranked universities. Worldwide, there are reputable independent organization that evaluates and ranks universities. However, the ranking usually is for reference only
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So, when choosing a school, students should choose the criteria most relevant to themselves: Entry requirements in accordance with academic and English language proficiency, financial tuition suit families, strong schools students selected industries, infrastructure needs discipline ... 
The note for the Australian student visa 
from the Feedback: You will receive a reply within the range 4-8 weeks after applying for admission. When receiving the consent, you will receive an offer of a school. In some cases, representatives of some schools may consider your application and grant you admission letter at the interview or workshops organized by us. 
visa assistance service 
Pending invitation of the school, counselors will guide our sponsor you or your financial procedures related to visa application. Once you have received the invitation letter, the counselor will help complete the visa application before submission to the Office of International Migration (the receipt by the Australian Embassy visa authorization). 
Paying tuition and health insurance 
for some student visa (visa school, college, graduate, master's and doctoral studies), the applicant must pay school fees and health insurance ( for the entire study period) in advance to get the official letter of admission Enrolment (COE) to pay the visa application. IDP counselors will guide and provide necessary documentation to the student or the sponsor may finance procedures for school fees and health insurance in the bank. 
regard to other types of student visas (visa to learn English, preparatory, college), the school fees and medical insurance can be made ​​after the student visa application has been approved preliminary Australian Embassy. Our counselors will notify students or the financial guarantees required transfer time tuition and health insurance. 
official Letter of Acceptance 
When you accept an invitation school, the school will require you play the entire English language tuition, tuition period (or deposit) and of course the health insurance of the entire school program. These costs will be passed directly to requirements in the draft or bank transfer or by credit card. Counselor will forward evidence of the transfer of money (money order / demand draft / credit card details) and your acceptance letter to the school. 
Upon receipt of the above documents, the school will issue a Letter of official receipt for your school. This letter confirms your admission and also confirm you have completed financial procedures. Official Letter of Acceptance required for visa application.