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Columbia International College (CIC) - Canada's largest private boarding school

Travel to Canada with a great learning experience at Columbia International College. Choosing the CIC environment will help students prepare for academic studies at prestigious universities.

Columbia International College is located in Ontario, in the city of Hamilton. The University welcomes more than 1,750 Canadian students every year from more than 72 countries around the world, providing secondary and tertiary education.

CIC is a comprehensive in-house education system designed to meet the high standards of quality and training that parents want.


CIC is the leading school in:

  • Enrollment for the University of Toronto on a worldwide basis
  • Enrollment numbers for the Rotman School of Economics at the University of Toronto among Canadian private schools
  • Enrollment number for the University of Waterloo on the total number of applicants worldwide.
  • Admission count for McMaster University
  • University entrance scholarships for graduates from CIC
  • Number of students enrolled in college among boarding schools in Canada and the United States.

CIC is the only one:

  • As an official partner of the University of Toronto, offers the Elite Pathway Partnership Program and owns 15 Canadian scholarships for graduates from CIC.
  • Be an official partner of the University of Waterloo and get 4 scholarships for graduates from CIC
  • Be an official partner of McMaster University, ensuring enrollment in all university departments.

The best education system:

  • The CIC's unique Total Care Education System is the best student care system in terms of academic, social, psychological and physical needs to ensure the success of international students. .
  • It is the best-performing school in Canada
  • The largest number of teachers and support staff in all private schools in Canada. Leadership Training Center in Bark Lake is also Canada's largest center.
  • The school has always fulfilled its promise since 1979: "Student success - parental peace of mind".



  • High school grades 7 - 12
  • Transition Program Elite Pathway Partnership Program, affiliated with the University of Toronto
  • Accelerated program, pre-university
  • Summer camp

International Student Program:

  • Junior High School (grades 7,8)
  • High School (Grades 9-12)
  • University Foundation Year (12th grade)
  • English Training Program and Summer Camp
  • ESL Program (English Language Two)
  • TOEFL Preparation Program
  • SAT Preparation Program
  • IELTS Preparation Program


  • Students are guaranteed admission among selected undergraduate applicants and double admissions of CIC.
  • Send the transcripts / transcripts (3 school years) as soon as possible to the email address on the confirmation receipt.


  • Unlimited, is all students in the world who wish to study at CIC.



International students enrolled in post-secondary (college or university) programs are allowed to work 20 hours a week on campus and work full time in the summer without a permit.

Work permits are also required in the following cases:

- Completed a College or University degree and you want to work within 3 years with a related field of study.

- sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and partly employed by this agency.

- To be employed on a co-op program.

There may be other programs that require a work permit. Contact your international student counselor or Canadian immigration office for more information. In April 2008, the Minister for Immigration Launches new policies that allow international students to work within 3 years of graduation. This policy applies across Canada.



1. Application Deadline


2. Start date

Depends on each semester

3. Arrange accommodation


Here are some living costs in Canada:

One way bus ticket (local)   

2 CAD to 3 CAD

Average meal at the restaurant

10 to 25 CAD

Watch movie                                      

8.5 CAD to 12 CAD

Letter in Canada                

0.52 CAD 

International Postage Fee (Letter)        

1.55 CAD 



Application fee

CAD 200 (one time fee)


CAD 2,000 per subject / semester

Accommodation arrangement fee

Free of charge for dormitory accommodation.

300 CAD for homestay.

Accommodation fee

CAD 590 per month


Tam Hai


HOTLINE: +84 1800 6972 (FREE CALL)

Head Office

Address: 21 Mai Thi Luu, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCMC​

District 1 Branch - HCMC

Address: 28C Mai Thi Luu, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCMC​

Tan Phu District Branch - HCMC

Address: 445 Luy Ban Bich, Hiep Tan Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC

Da Nang Branch

Address: 272 Nguyen Van Linh, Thac Gian Ward, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City