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Choose major when study in the UK

With three universities: Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London consistently rank among the top 10 universities in the world at every rank, Britain has become a dream destination for many young people, including young people in Vietnam. UK education encourages students to think independently.

Studying in the UK will give you many opportunities to develop your English as well as the knowledge and skills needed for a future career. There are many curricula, spanning many different disciplines for you to choose from, especially at the bachelor level. It is important that you identify the dream job after graduation to find relevant modules.


Career options

A graduate degree in business can take you to the following career options:

- Retail banking staff / investment bank / commercial bank

- Brokerage / Securities

- Management consultant

- Marketers

- Human Resource Management

- PR expert

- recruitment consultant

- Sales specialist

- Stockbroker


Learn about the discipline

Business and administration is a diverse and flexible discipline. Studying the industry will give you a basic understanding of the business environment, organization, business process management and interactions with the environment.

A typical Business course will cover the following subjects:

- Accounting: teaching the principles of corporate finance management, learning about the balance sheet, calculating risk rate on investment capital, etc .;

- Marketing teaches the principles of marketing in business and strategies to conduct market research;

- Finance and Banking: Educate students on financial and capital approaches and explore those concepts with each type of enterprise: start-up businesses, active businesses or from a bank perspective;

- Business Law: teaches the fundamentals of law that have a direct impact on the business environment.

Other subjects such as economics, management, business information systems and human resources are also important parts of the business world.


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is extremely popular and is known worldwide. The goal of the course is to focus on innovation, problem solving and initiative.

Studying in a diverse environment like in the UK, with your classmates and instructors different in experience and expertise, is a great way to start building networking and learning the skills you need to succeed. Success in business. In many ways, you will see the MBA as a microscope for the vast business world.


Having a certain level of work experience (1-4 years) will make learning the MBA more meaningful. So it is better to have a little real understanding of the business world before going to school. That does not mean, however, that the door closed with the graduated student. Some colleges offer Executive MBAs for highly motivated applicants and regular MBAs for freshman graduates. There are also part-time MBA courses; This is a shortened version of the regular MBA course. Part-time MBAs try to minimize disruptions on the career path or affect individual goals. Therefore, part-time MBAs need more time than usual to complete. In addition, the online MBA or distance MBA is also a flexible option that helps learners pursue academic goals without having to change accommodation. You should consult your school for registration options. .


Career opportunities

A career in law is a promising future with status, high salaries and prospects for promotion. However, this industry requires hard work, time-consuming and high pressure.

The jobs you can do are: legal counsel, a lawyer, or political, business, or banking and international finance ...


Understand the discipline

As a multi-faceted occupation and field, it has its own methods, arguments and languages, and the legal profession has certain implications for households, commerce and business, education, taxation and carriage. The study of law gives students the ability to create, apply and evaluate critically.

A bachelor's degree program requires students to take the seven "foundation" courses that make up the essay for a law bachelor, and help graduates to get exempt from the Prerequisite Common Professional Examination (CPE) by UK Lawyers & Legal Consultants. These subjects include constitutional law, criminal law, civil law, contract law, land law, trust law, and EU law.

It takes two years to complete these modules for students who begin their studies in the second year. Students also have a third-year option to study law abroad for a close look at the operation of a different law system.

The lawsuits, called "moots" (a legal argument based on given circumstances), are a recognized form of many law school programs. These sessions enhance the students' real-world skills and give students an honest view of how legal enforcement is performed in court. This practice also helps students develop analytical skills, problem solving, communication, debating and problem-solving, and the skills required in the legal profession. The assessment of the results is done through the end of each academic year, which students must pass in order to continue their studies.


Career opportunities

He is the center of the creative world, art stretches across the genre: music, fashion to theater, museums and advertising. International students have long been fascinated by the innovative design courses here. The opportunity to practice creativity, the arts are countless.

Understand the discipline

At the general and A-level level, you can choose to study in applied arts and design, fine arts, graphic design, photography, textiles and 3D design. Vocational Education (BTECs) offers a wide range of study programs in Design that will help you acquire a national degree in the same specialty: 3D design, crafts, fashion, graphic design, photography or fabric.


If you are enrolled at a university, you can study for BTEC, National Higher Vocational Diploma (HNDs) or Foundation degree programs with a wide range of specialist courses. The course is also taught at A level and BETC at national level, as well as ceramics and sculpture courses. You will be well prepared to enter the industry after graduation.

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