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Choose a suitable school for your study abroad

Studying is not easy and not cheap. So do not choose a career because everyone is learning, do not choose a school because there are too many referrals, and do not study abroad because all friends have gone abroad. Be sure to choose the appropriate school for you to complete your study abroad.

1. Reconsider the concept of studying abroad

Study abroad is not a place to study for a luxury or a chance to travel free. If you come to France you will have the opportunity to visit the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Seine, .. If you come to Italy you will visit the Roman arena, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Square, Then, it's easy to show off your friends and relatives with gorgeous photos of places you go through on Facebook, Instagram. The desire to travel is plausible. But do not start your study abroad travel plans. Those free trips are really expensive.

Study abroad is not a place to settle for the future. In fact, developed countries have remarkable quality of life, high income, good living environment, human rights are respected and guaranteed, all human-centric welfare systems are ... Everyone wishes to find the opportunity to reside in countries such as USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany. So some parents and students have the mentality is: Where to go, as long as going abroad and look for opportunities. If you start studying abroad like that, you can not focus on learning, moreover, good living environment that requires high competition, bear the pressure, constantly develop themselves.
Study abroad is not easy to find places to study more comfortable. Everyone knows that our education is heavy on theory while foreign education is very open, encouraging the creativity of students. But do not think to study abroad is that you are comfortable learning what to learn, want to learn how to learn. Go abroad, you have to change the learning method from passive to active. Schools do not force students to study but require self-study, self-motivation to self-study, self-practice, and teamwork. They allow you freedom of creation but creativity must have results, meet the high requirements. If you make a mistake, they will handle it according to the rules and never have a "high raise".

Studying is not about following the crowd. If affected by the crowd mentality, it will be very difficult to master the direction for yourself. Do not choose a career because everyone is learning, do not choose a school because there are too many referrals, and do not study abroad because all friends have gone abroad. Write down your strengths, passions and abilities. Do you really want to study it? Do you really want to study abroad? The future is yours, decided by you, not the crowd at all.
Study abroad is not always choose the top school, located in the center is the best. Highly ranked schools, good majors are not necessarily right for you. Instead of charting, find out which schools have the method or content that matches your desires and abilities.

There is another difference, you should note, is that overseas good schools are not necessarily concentrated in the center, can be distributed scattered throughout their country. If you choose a suitable school in the suburbs, you will save significant expenses for study and living.
2. Choose "golden time" to study abroad

Studying at high school is now being chosen by quite a few young people because this is a sensible way for students to improve their language skills, improve their self-reliance, and adapt to the environment. Opportunity to enter top universities. It is no coincidence that right from the high school level in the United States, England, Australia young people have chosen the industry suitable for themselves. They have a strategic educational orientation for students to plan their future. In addition, high school students are well equipped with basic background knowledge to adapt to every shift in their field of study and careers.

You are in high school, have graduated from secondary school or are students can study abroad. However, to meet the demand for advanced education, students need to be equipped with enough knowledge, foreign language and living capital. If you meet these conditions you are in the "golden time" to study abroad then.
Foreign language is an important condition for you to apply for study abroad. You must have IELTS, TOEFL or SAT. IELTS 6.0 is a requirement for engineering majors such as electronics, electrical engineering, engineering; IELTS 6.5 is required for business, management, economics, and banking. Imagine, all the books, English textbooks, teachers taught in English, eat sleep in English. Those who have studied abroad have heard each other for the first few months of studying abroad, listening to lecturers like "duck listening to the thunder", and laughing loudly when they read the song. At present, there are many schools that make it impossible for you to reach the required English level to fulfill your dream of studying. Either you just complete an English exam or you will take a preparatory course to qualify for the entrance.

Most schools will look at third-level transcripts of applicants, which are important in the recruitment process. GPA (Grade Point Average) is calculated by adding up the average of the subjects and dividing them equally for the average. GPA in the United States on a scale of 4, in Vietnam on a scale of 10. If your average academic performance average good years, the chances for you to receive is very high. When you have a solid background, learning abroad will be less difficult, and you have the time to get used to everything completely new from the learning approach to the new environment. You can face crisis because you do not catch up with the lecture, so plan to study hard, hard work.
However, aside from the GPA, overseas schools attach great importance to the living capital that you accumulate through school activities. Many young people only invest in learning a foreign language and improve their academic performance at school, forgetting that extracurricular activities are an easy way to persuade schools. If you participate in many activities, the movement in the common years you will have more flexible reflexive skills, teamwork. When moving to a completely foreign country, with your experience you will adapt faster.

"Golden time" to study abroad is when you meet the requirements of foreign languages, academic strength and rich capital. Deciding whether to go to high school or college depends on how you will convince your family with your conditions.
3. How to choose the appropriate school and industry?

Criteria is affordable
Expenses for study abroad are the primary concern of families wanting to send their children to study abroad. Take a look at how much money a family can provide to their children, so choose a niche. On the websites of the schools there are clear information about the discipline, tuition and time course. Look for information on living expenses in the school area and on a specific cost table, review all charges incurred. Do not be confused as to how well you will earn the scholarship, how much you will earn, how much you will save. There are a lot of friends studying in Australia to draw a beautiful study trip as the family only have to provide for the first time, then you will go to work, then you will take care of life, then can send Money back to parents because the Australian dollar is worth more than the Vietnamese dong. But to cover the cost of living, accommodation, living expenses, besides support from parents, international students have to work harder to make money. The working environment in Australia is highly competitive. You will not have time to concentrate on learning more. Some of the others left school to run out of money and illegally reside. So, first of all, make sure your family has a stable source of financial security to provide for you in the first 2 years.

If you intend to study in the United States, read articles on leading newspapers such as The New York Times, Forbes, Time, etc. These newspapers cover a great deal of information on living expenses and services. , Transportation, insurance, entertainment, dining, housing provided by the people living in the cities. You can trust this information.
Choose your favorite industry and fit your capabilities

Do not choose the industry you like, choose the industry you want to study. Sometimes under pressure from family, but please tell your parents about your thoughts. Because you will only work hard when you really love. Especially for the arts related fields such as painting, fine arts, music, etc. If your soul is forced to do what you do not want, you can not achieve the highest effect. If you like to be a teacher but have to study medicine, if you want to be a lawyer but have to learn technology, are you interested in learning? Is it fun to go to school every day? You just have to learn new language, get to know the new environment in a completely foreign country, if you have to study the field you do not like, your study abroad will be very tired.
Do not choose an industry just because it's hot. The psychology of the masses is to choose the industries that are popular but everything can change quickly. Make sure you choose the industry you like, not too many people. You are too anxious when you are not in the crowd, because if you are passionate about it, you will definitely do well. You remember that when the education industry was hot, all of you flocked to school and as a result, several thousand years later, thousands of undergraduate students were unemployed each year.

So what kind of study would you like to list? Find out a lot of information about these disciplines, find the appropriate vocations for the discipline. However, liking and doing are two different things. See what kind of industry your industry is capable of. When you are confident in your ability, plus the attitude of study, you will definitely learn well. Education in advanced countries always encourages students to develop their personal ability and self-confidence in any situation.
Select the industry tends to take the lead

What profession do you want to pursue? Where do you plan to go after studying abroad? Answering these questions will help you set a clear direction for future careers. Whether you return to Vietnam or continue living in your country of study, you should also find out which industry there is, what kind of professions in the next few years. This is the way to choose the industry according to future career goals.

Pre-eminent industries are those that create the workforce that can meet the needs of the market in the future. If you choose to come to Australia, refer to the list of Australia's lack of manpower and priorities, including: medicine, accounting, auditing, engineers, early childhood teachers, psychologists, If you are going to return to Vietnam to work, you should know what the market trend for the next 5-10 years is in marketing / advertising / media, Calendar / restaurant / hotel, supply chain management / logistics, information technology, architecture / construction, energy industry, ...
In recent years, with the tendency of cooperation - internationalization, the linguistic group is being selected by many students in Vietnam, because in the future, professions such as translators, translators and interpreters will be needed. A lot of manpower. You can choose English, Japanese, Korean, etc. to study.

Selecting the industry is the strong point of education in the country of study
The selection of the sector should take advantage of the training strength of each country. List the countries with the industry codes you would like to pursue, then find out in detail which countries are better off.

For example, if you want to study financial economics, then the United States and Australia are the top two countries. Learn about the courses of some famous universities to compare the curriculum and tuition fees. The exclusion method will make it easy for you to choose the subject that best suits your criteria.

Select the appropriate field

In fact, in the process of choosing a field of study, you are close to choosing the right one. All comparative statistics on tuition fees, training programs, living expenses in living quarters are also criteria for choosing schools. You can go to the Bachelor's Portal to find information on the 17,000 undergraduate programs of most schools in 56 countries around the world. If you are too cautious because of the large number of schools, nationalize your country and find the right one. Do not be confused, the top school will have good industry.

When looking for a school, besides tuition, you will pay attention to facilities, teaching quality, extracurricular activities and scholarships. There are many schools that offer scholarships for first year students, please check back soon. For example, Southern Cross is offering up to six scholarships, each valued at $ 4,000, with a flexible application policy. Scholarships are not just for students with excellent academic performance but also for Students are successful in scientific research and students who are in difficult circumstances are still determined to study. However, it is important to emphasize that you have to set conditions for selecting schools that are up to the industry. end.
If you want to study in the United States of America, you have seven schools to choose from, including the New York Film Academy, the University of California Los Angeles, the University of California, the American Film Institute and the California Institute of the Arts. Each school has its own strengths. Full Sail University has a specially designed program that is of high quality. The New York Film Academy has many extracurricular activities. The University of California Los Angeles is particularly strong in script writing. New York University is the state-of-the-art facility for teaching and learning. In addition, there are many links for students to contact after graduation. One more thing to note is that when you study the film industry you have to pay attention to the place of study, because it will affect future career development. The University of Southern California is at the heart of the Hollywood film industry, which is closely associated with production, post-production and film studios. While New York University in New York has relationships with many commercial directors, and graduates here tend to be "independent" or "artistic" filmmakers compared to filmmakers. "Commerce".

4. Get support from a reputable study company
When you are ready to study abroad, choose a reputable study abroad company to assist you with your study abroad application from English proficiency check, application preparation, school registration, ... Exactly, you will soon board the plane and start the life of international students.

According to data from the Department of Training Abroad - Ministry of Education and Training, as of March 2016, Ho Chi Minh City had 94 units, Hanoi had 301 units licensed to certify private service activities Study abroad The number of consultancy units is quite large and there are signs of increasing non-stop, however not all units are reputable. A reputable company is evaluated according to the following criteria: business license, long operating, stable facilities and professional staffs, with a rich partner school system.
United Education Joint Stock Company, abbreviated as UE, was established in 2006, is one of the leading companies in Vietnam has been operating effectively, prestigious in the field of consultancy Study and other support services.

UE is proud to be one of the first units that the Department of Education and Training TP. Ho Chi Minh City has been awarded the "Certificate of Prestige Brand" for over 20 years.

With 11 years of operation, the UE has created the high trust of parents, students and customers. The EU has relationships with more than 500 well-educated institutions in the world, academics, high schools, colleges and universities. UE has always put in the top task of providing maximum support to students who have the best learning opportunities.

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