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Career opportunities at the Texas Institute of Cosmetology

The society is increasingly modern, the beauty needs of people are increasingly interested, with great financial investment as well as time. Annually, the US beauty industry brings in about $ 15 billion, contributing a significant portion of the US economy. Therefore, the industry is focused on development, becoming one of the hot sectors in the country flag.

Beautiful Academy is also known as Bale Beautiful Academy 6, located at 100 W Pioneer Pkwy Suite 105, Arlington, TX 76010. The school specializes in the fields of hair, nails and facial. The University meets the needs of a large number of students from the United States and other countries who wish to study the beauty industry. In particular, the school offers special classes for Vietnamese students with programs taught entirely in Vietnamese.


1. Curriculum in Vietnamese

The curriculum at Bale Beauty Academy is taught entirely in Vietnamese for Vietnamese students. Even theoretical or practical subjects are taught in Vietnamese. This is a great opportunity for students to study in the United States with no age limits, no English language qualifications or additional English language tuition, which saves money and time.

2. Describe the practicality and business

With the goal of training highly skilled trainees, training programs are always close to reality. Students will be practicing parallel with theoretical learning throughout the course. This not only helps students master the theory but also applied to the reality and the process of training masterly.

With the conditions Bale Beauty brings, students after graduating from the school have the ability to open their own beauty salon, aesthetic or teacher to guide the students because the degree obtained at this institute is assessed. high price of workmanship and widely recognized in the world of beauty.


3. Experienced trainers

- Experienced trainers will train the trainees with the skills they need to achieve a true job, creating a career in aesthetics.

- Instructors will pass on their knowledge and experience. They ensure you are confident to go to any salon.

At this place, students will be awarded hands on skills in the three hair branches, nail care, and facial. And just a few months of study, you will be skilled, confident, and professional.



Cosmetics (Hair, Nail, Facial)

- Requirements: 1500 hours

- Tuition: 7,400USD

- Can study full or part time:

+ Completed in 9 months (40h / week)

+ Completed in 12 months (30h / week)

+ Completed within 18 months (20h / week)

Beauty (face)

- Requirements: 750 hours

- Tuition: $ 4,000

- Can study Full or Part time:

+ Completed in 5 months (40h / week)

+ Completed in 7 months (30h / week)

+ Completed in 9 months (20h / week)

Manicure (Nail)

- Requires: 600 hours

- Tuition: $ 2,800

- Can study Full or Part time:

+ Completed in 4 months (40h / week)

+ Completed in 6 months (30h / week)

+ Completed in 8 months (20h / week)

Eyelash Extension

- Requires: 320 hours

- Tuition: $ 1,500

- Can study Full or Part time:

+ Completed in 2 months (40h / week)

+ Completed in 3 months (30h / week)

+ Completed in 4 months (20h / week)

International Student Program

- Requirements: 1.5 years

- Registration fee: US $ 100

- Tuition: $ 11,000

- Housing: 6,000 USD

Entry into: January 02, April 1, July 1, October 1.


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