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Canadian education system

USA, Canada, Australia and other countries Education Fair 2018

The gathering of 55 colleges, universities, academies and leading educational institutions from the US, Canada, Australia in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City on March 10 and 11, 2018 is one at the largest study events in the spring of 2018 held by UE Study.

Study in Canada: tuition fees by school and study area

In recent years, Canada has attracted a large number of international students, especially as the CES exemption program has been financially developed, and the number of international students has grown exponentially. Every year, about 200,000 international students come to this country.

Study CES Canada at the most beautiful island in the world

Vancouver Island is a large island in British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver Island was voted North Island's No. 1 destination on the island and the third most beautiful island in the world. Vancouver is likened to a miniature world with its own unique culture, history and charms.

6 Best Universities in Canada

Canada owns a high standard of quality education that has been recognized around the world. The degrees offered by Canada are as valid as the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other leading countries.

Top schools in 2018 in life sciences, clinical and psychology

Times Higher Education (abbreviated as THE) is the world's most prestigious academic ranking. THE was founded in 1971 and has appeared online since 1995, specializing in news releases, reviews and World University Rankings by industry experts. On November 8, Top rankings of world leading universities by majors in 2018.

Update some new schools under CES Canada 2018 (part II)

CES Canada will not have an end date. In addition to maintaining the exemption requirement for financial proof, fast visa processing time, the CES program has grown from 45 to 55. Students who intend to study in Canada will have more options in their field of study.

Update some new schools under CES Canada 2018 (part I)

The indefinite CES (Canada Express Study) is a good news for all Vietnamese students who are looking to study in Canada. Compared to the past, the number of schools increased from 45 to 55, but the CES registration status remained the same.

Updated CES (Canada Express Study) Program 2018

This is a really important and rewarding information for many students and parents interested in studying in Canada. The indefinite extension of the CES Program will create more opportunities for students in Vietnam to realize the dream of studying in Canada.