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Canada needs 182,000 IT Workers by 2019

What IT positions are top on the list?

UE - What IT positions are top on the list?

• Information systems analysts and consultants
• Computer and network operators and web technicians
• Computer programmers and interactive media developers
• Software engineers
• Graphic designers and illustrators
• Computer and information systems managers
• Database analysts and data administrators

Why is there a shortage?

IDC Canada, a premier global market intelligence firm points to several factors in a research note recently released:

“The increased demand for skilled ICT workers. The Canadian demand for ICT skilled workers, both within the ICT sector and more broadly across all industries, will increase to over 100,000 workers in the next four years.”

“The declining supply of undergraduate ICT professionals. Unlike most other Canadian undergraduate degrees, enrollment of high school students in ICT-related university and college programs is declining.”

“The relentless pace of technology that drives the market needs for skilled ICT labour faster than the supply capacity. ICT employers’ needs for skills and education are changing rapidly. In contrast, education institutions are slower in updating the curriculums to meet changes in the market needs, and the time to educate and graduate an ICT student can take anywhere from 36 to 48 months.”

“Canada’s aging population problem. The aging population problem in Canada is expected to influence labour markets in most industries. Taking into account that young people are taking longer to start a career, more people are retiring and fewer workers entering the labour market, the supply of ICT workers is expected to continue to fall behind the market demands.”

Pursue studies in Canada, Work while Studying and Have Direct Access to Employers. Since June 2014, international students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week while in school and work full time during school breaks. Employers post their vacancies on school boards, preferring students who are already in Canada instead of recruiting from overseas.

While employers also check out the candidate profile in the Express Entry selection database, an IT worker already in Canada as a student stands a better chance of getting hire as opposed to an IT counterpart who is outside Canada.

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