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Campus Sydney - La Trobe's new $ 10 million campus

La Trobe University Sydney Campus officially came into operation on July 20. Along with the Vice Chancellor, alumni, students, staff, and many media outlets participated in the opening ceremony of the Campus. $ 10 million.

Visitors to the new campus have access to state-of-the-art classrooms with automatic recording technology so that students can watch them at home.

"Students are voting in favor of La Trobe University in Sydney. We hope to train talented business leaders for the future of Sydney so we provide students with a great space with advanced technology and inspiration, "said Professor Dewar. 

1. Introduction

La Trobe University (LTU) is one of Australia's most renowned universities for the quality of education as well as the dynamics of Australia and around the world. In particular, LTU is Australia's only university in the top 10 universities in the field of software engineering and computer science (Journal of the Journal of Systems and Software).

La Trobe University is comprised of two member universities, the University of Science - Social Sciences and Commerce, and the University of Science - Medicine - Engineering. Great programs from university-to-university, graduate and post-graduate programs.

La Trobe is renowned for its teaching, research and quality programs. La Trobe University has more than 30 research centers, connecting more than 260 universities around the world and is a member of the Australian College of Innovation Research (IRU). Lecturers are highly respected professors who regularly receive research awards and receive ongoing research funding. Students at La Trobe have many advantages thanks to the ratio of teachers / students to quality teaching.

La Trobe University has over 26,000 students, including more than 4,500 international students from more than 90 countries and 2,700 staff. This diversity has created a safe and supportive learning environment for all international students. The system of many clubs and associations helps students to have a fascinating student life at the university and enjoy all that Melbourne and Victoria have to offer.

La Trobe University offers students real things that are nowhere to be found; the opportunity to study in an authentic Australian university community; The subdivisions are arranged in a beautiful, beautiful natural environment and the traffic from the subdivision goes to Melourne conveniently. Living here is enriched by the well-known support services for international students such as: Welcome New Student Program, academic support and English language skills, Free flight.
All La Trode University facilities are located in Victoria, which has majestic coastlines, attractive beaches and snow fields, and excellent facilities and facilities.

2. Why study in La Trobe?

- Continuously ranked among the best universities in Australia by different rankings

- Affordable programs by trained professionals

- Scholarships for international students

- Modern facilities and excellent research facilities

- Selective programs are held in China, Vietnam and Singapore

- Opportunity to participate in high impact research projects

- Have boarding accommodation

- Dedicated support for international students

- International student community is vibrant, multicultural and growing

- Successful alumni network around the globe

- Lots of clubs and student organizations to choose from

- La Trobe is in the top 2% of universities worldwide

- Graduates of La Trobe University have a great experience at companies, community organizations around the world. La Trobe also offers employment placement services that prepare graduates for a successful career. A strong alumni network with more than 80,000 members, including Dr. Nguyen Xuan Vang - Director of International Education Development, Ministry of Education and Training, Dr. David Morgan - General Manager of Westpac Bank of Australia.

- La Trobe University is the founder of the International University Network (INU), an agreement between universities that commits itself to the internationalization of education. La Trobe Global connects in teaching, student exchange and professional development, international development to provide students with access to the global education network.

3. Training program

* English program

- General English

- English for Further Studies (EFS)

* Diploma Program (1 year)

- Business College

- College of Information Technology

- College of Health Sciences

- College of Multimedia

* Foundation Studies Program (equivalent to the first year of Bachelor) and * Bachelor Program (3-4 years)

- Accountant

- Business

- Finance

- Economy

- International bussiness

- International relationship

- Newspapers

- Strategic communication

- Nurse

- Graphic design

- Technology Games

- Information Technology

- Computer science

- Laws

- Community service

- Biotechnology

- education (primary, secondary)

- Biomedical Technology

- Pharmacy

- Civil Engineer

* Master's program

- Financial Management Accounting (2 years)

- Financial analysis, financial planning (18 months)

- Marketing Management (1 year)

- Professional Accounting (18 months)

- MBA Business Administration (18 months)

- Education (2 years)

- Information Technology (2 years)

- Information Technology (2 years)

- Electronic Engineer (1 year)

- Commercial Law (1 year)

- Social work (2 years)

4. Tuition fees and conditions

* The Foundation Year is a program designed to help international students have the same background as their 12th grade students in Australia before entering the undergraduate program.

- Course duration: 2 terms (8 months)

- Entry requirements:

Grade 11, GPA> = 6.0 or high school graduation, GPA> = 5.0

+ IELTS 5.5 (not less than 5.0)

- Tuition fee: AUD 22,550 / session

 * Diploma Program

- Course duration: 8 months (expedited) and 12 months

- Entry requirements:

High school graduation, GPA> = 7.0

+ IELTS 6.0 (not less than 6.0)

+ Tuition fee: 18,600 AUD / course

 * University program

- Course duration: 3 years (standard), 2 years (expedited)

- Entry requirements:

- Graduated from high school, GPA> = 8.0

- IELTS 6.0 (not less than 6.0)

- Tuition: 23,184 AUD per year

 * After university

- Duration: 6 months (2 semesters)

- Entry requirements:

+ University degree or work experience in the field want to study

+ Good at reading, writing and communication skills

+ IELTS 6.5 (not less than 6.0)

- Note: If you do not have enough IELTS score you can apply for English courses in La Trobe.

- Tuition fee: 13,680 AUD / course

 * General English: Beginning monthly
- English Course Tuition: From AUD367 - AUD 407 per week

- Note: Tuition fees are for reference only and may vary according to the school's annual policy.

5. Scholarship Program

- The top two excellent students of the first semester will receive a 100% scholarship for the next semester of La Trobe College.

- The David Myers Research Scholarship is awarded to the most excellent candidates by the school, and is a postgraduate research fellowship for each member school. This scholarship grants AUD 27,500 per year for all three full-year PhD students.

- Thien An -



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