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Calvin College

Calvin College is a new choice for the students studing abroad in Michigan State.

   Calvin College is a new choice for the students studing abroad in Michigan State. Calvin College was founded  in 1876, is four-year private college in Grand Rapids, an average city in Michigan State, America.

   The common name is named after John Calvin, a reformer in 16th century. A number of students now are over 4,000 students and university provides more 70 courses. Calvin College provides about 100 majors for students to choose such as accounting, art, history, biology and religion, medieval history research, sex research, French studies, nursing, journalism, dance, Greek studies and geology.


   Calvin College has a lot of open-door policies to encourage the international students. It provides some services for the students, including tutoring, accommodation service, health support and health insurance.

   Calvin College also has a safe and healthy campus with 24-hour safeguard system, patrol car, emergency telephone, hot line, student supervision in the dormitory, internet account access control and finance (key, card security, etc).

Typical majors

• Biology and biomedical science
• Business, management, marketing and consultancy and supporting advertising services
• Communication, journalism and relating programs
• Computer science, information and supporting services
• Education
• Techniques
• English and literature, correspondence
• Foreign language, literature and linguistics
• Occupational health and clinical science
• History
• Maths and statistics
• Multi-disciplinary research
• Study environment and natural resources preservation
• Health and amusement
• Philosophy and religion studies
• Physics science
• Psychology
• Public administration and social services
• Social science
• Image and art performance

Calvin College