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Building a Canadian home has never been so easy

Inside Francois - the peaceful, sleepy, sloping town in the easternmost part of Canada, has something very strange. People have the right to choose a place they like, build houses and move in without having to spend any money to buy land.

Visitors here are happy to say that here is a paradise because land is expensive here, owning a piece of land is too difficult.

Francois is located in Newfoundland and Labrador. The houses are painted with colorful colors, creating bright colors in the mist. Everybody in town knows each other very well. They do not use cars. Their means of transport are boats and fishing is their occupation. Although restaurants and bars are not available here, on public holidays people usually party on the shores of the bay or on the cabin of the ship.

You will reach the town of Francois with the boats. The move in the town is done on four-wheeled vehicles. The purpose of these tranquil journeys is to relax or climb a mountain. Guests will shop in the only liquor store in town, open only from Monday to Saturday. One of the great experiences of visitors is to party all night to the locals and sleep in. The cabin on the beach.

Come to Francois, you will feel the friendliness of the people. They will enthusiastically take you everywhere and tell you that with just $ 6,000 you can build a spacious spacious home anywhere in the area and the most special thing is that it costs nothing. To buy land.

-  VnExpress -


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