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Attractive Scholarship programs at Bishop Montgomery High School

Bishop Montgomery High School was established in 1957. The original school complex consisted of an administrative building, three classroom buildings, a chapel, and a football field.

1. Introduction

In 1960, a monastery was built. In 1964, the Thomas More Hall's living room complex was built and the gymnasium opened in 1965.

Over the past several decades, a number of new construction and renovation projects have added a new dimension to the campus. Rebuilding government buildings, repairing and upgrading computer labs and computer labs, turning Thomas More Hall into a movie theater for the Drama Lab program, decorating the porcelain / art room.

In 2007, Student Living Center Anthony and Crawford Dormitory completed on the second level of the school. The Activity Center is home to two playgrounds, a recovery room / gym, a Song and Short Flags practice studio, a living kitchen, and a sports office.

Currently, Bishop is consolidating its technology infrastructure with the expectation of a modern media center and computer lab to replace the current library. In addition to renovating the campus, the school is also in the "Field of Dreams" campaign to upgrade its sports grounds.


2. Highlights

- This is a high quality American high school, Amerigo's exclusive partner.

- Opportunities for admission to Amerigo's Top 100 partner universities may be waived for ACT / SAT.

- Students receive college counseling and vocational guidance.

- International students rate 2% - 6%.

- English language support for international students.

- Modern dormitory, male and female in private, supervised 24/7.

- An average of 10 students will have a dormitory manager.

- Recreation, recreation, picnic at weekends and holidays (Thanksgiving, Spring Break).

- Optional IELTS / TOEFL.

- Attractive scholarships for international students with high academic achievement.

- Infrastructure:

The campus is 24 acres

43 classrooms in 3 main buildings

Two modern computer classrooms

Lunch area for students

Spacious parking on site

The Student Activities Center includes a gym, gym, playroom and ballroom.

3. Courses, training

- Academic Program: AP, Honors, American High School

- Subject: 31 AP & Honors

- Outstanding program: STEM, Architecture, Construction, Media, Robot

- Extracurricular activities: 41 sports, 30+ clubs

- University admissions: Cornell Univeristy, Harvard University, Yale University, etc.

- Intake period: Fall (August).

Advanced Placement Courses

This course provides students with the opportunity to conquer a college or university while in high school, including subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics 1 and 2, English Language, Psychology, Mathematics, English Literature, American History and Modern European History. These courses are mostly for high school and high school students.

Honors Level Courses

This course differs from the rest of the courses in specialized and in depth content. It has "depth" which requires the ability to apply, analyze, and evaluate information and data, as well as the ability to understand and use proficiency in concepts, independent research, and external sources. .

College Preparatory Level Courses

This course is similar to the Honors course but requires the student to apply, analyze and evaluate information and data. However, at this course, information and materials will be provided and students will only be able to rely on them to make their analyzes without using other materials or resources. .

Basic Level Courses

This course teaches students about basic skills such as reading, notes, learning skills, reinforcement of memory, ability to organize and manage time. Much of this time the course is devoted to the development of these learning skills in specific areas.


4. Cost, tuition fees

The total cost for one academic year is $ 66,950, including:

Tuition and housing expenses ($ 61,000): Tuition, English and Academic Support, Dormitory and Security, Meals (3 meals per day, 7 days per week), College and career counseling The Practical trips, graduation fee.

Student Fee ($ 5,950): Insurance, Holiday and Thanksgiving Day Trips, Uniforms, Books, Technological Equipment, Airport Transfers, Weekend Activities.

5. Scholarships

30% scholarship equivalent to $ 18,300 (tuition and living expenses);

Total cost after scholarship: 48,650 USD / year.

Limited scholarships: 40% and 50%


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