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Attractive scholarship opportunities - Trade Specialisation, Technology and Governance in the UK


The advantages when you attend LSC / STM

- School is located in the heart of London, the center of business, finance and tourism vibrant. The school is located next to the River Thames at London Bridge bridge name and metro station second largest London, London Bridge Station. From school, students will be very easy to go to the famous sights of London BigBen, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, City Hall, Tower Bridge ...

- The cost of the course is very competitive, and the continuous policy of tuition scholarships and incentives to provide financial support for students. It does not have to pay a higher tuition is an advantage for students who demonstrate financial visa.

- For free training English course 8 months, this is a special favor for the students enrolled in the University and the Colleges. Thus, students have a period of preparation in English, to help them better access into the main course.

- The receipt of the degree course lasts for two years to help save their students a year living costs in the UK has a chance to settle early.

- Schools may consider forwarding (in the last year of University programs) if the student completed the new system or unfinished College University programs in universities in Vietnam and other countries.

- LSC / STM has intakes in a year, which is very convenient for students to choose the most appropriate entry point

The scholarship program:

- Table for 3,950 Scholarship Foundation courses

- Table for 3,000 Scholarship Course BA (Hons) Business Studies

- £ 1,000 scholarship for BSc courses

- The opportunity for free training English 8 months

The course:

Undergraduate Programes (undergraduate program): Intensive Academic English, Degree Foundation - Foundation Courses University, BA (Hons) Business Studies-Bachelor of Business Courses, BSc Computing Programe - Computer Course BA, BSc Business Information Systems - Course Information System Bachelor of Commerce, BSc in Accounting - Bachelor of Accounting.

Programes Postgraduate (Masters program): MBA Foundation progame (MFP) - Foundation Courses MBA, Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Masters Degree Course in Business Administration, MSc in Information Technology - Master Lock Technology Information, MSc in Computer Systems Engineering-Master Lock Computer Systems Engineer, MSc in International Hospitality / Tourism Management - MBA Course Hotel / Travel International MSc in Finance and Banking - Finance Master Lock Key Bank.

Especially the short study period with low tuition costs is a huge advantage for the students, students who are concerned about the financial problems proved. Please contact with Lisianthus for more information regarding fees, admission period, admission requirements and information needed:

School is a full member of the British Council. Currently, LSC / STM is the largest private school in London, and is the only private school licensed Ph.D. training. The purpose of the LSC / STM is to facilitate students in different countries, especially the developing countries to have access to advanced education and updated communication skills and work in international environment with the most appropriate cost. School of Economics departments such as, Information Technology, Finance and Banking, Tourism Management and Hospitality including qualifications from Bachelor to PhD. Division Two of the schools - School of Technology and Management - intensive training of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology. School training combined with two major British universities are: University of East London - University of East London (UEL) and the University of Wales Institute - University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC). Upon graduation students will receive an official with the university for two, which is the degree recognized worldwide.