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APU - International community of 11,000 students from 110 countries

APU is an abbreviation of Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, located in the high-tech district of Kuala Lumpur.

APU Malaysia is proud to be the ideal place to experience, discover, develop advanced technical achievements, serve effectively for the global economy today.

A truly international community with 11,000 students from more than 110 countries

Like the beautiful Malaysia, APU is a rich mix of traditional and modern styles. APU prides itself on the quality of both teaching and research as well as unique living and learning environments.

APU provides access to world-class resources in a variety of areas. This translates into industry readiness skills and competitive advantage for graduates.

Recruiters require not only qualified graduates, but also experience and the ability to contribute to the job. To meet these requirements, APU develops programs and partners with academic and industry partners, with a focus on learning and applying knowledge. This helps ensure that the skills and knowledge taught at the APU are up-to-date and meet the needs of modern society.

Courses are certified by the Malaysian Quality Inspection Authority (MQA) and Malaysian Ministry of Education. All programs are quality-assured by the IAP - including representatives from international partner universities and industry and technology leaders in the private sector.

Graduates will receive double degrees from the APU and the regular University of Staffordshire, UK. Opportunity to transfer to prestigious universities in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Canada after 1.2 years.

Programs: English, Foundation, College, University and Postgraduate. Especially, there is a transfer program for junior students of Aptech, NIIT.

The school owns a very modern dormitory, standard of 3 stars or higher for the accommodation of students with free public bus system. Facilities include: swimming pool, gym, laundry, supermarket, 24/24 security.

That is the reason that APU became the focus of more than 11,000 students from more than 110 countries around the world.


Opportunities for international students

The APU creates a truly global learning environment that helps students prepare for the global challenges that are taking place. They offer a range of equals to technology as a common core.

The goal of the APU is to nurture and encourage innovation through its programs, with the intent of creating individuals who will learn, adapt and think in new and better ways.

Being an APU college student is probably going to be one of your most exciting adventures. APU builds on joy and creativity in regular learning both inside and outside the classroom. Higher education opens up a world of new ideas, intellectual growth, social activities, sports and culture, new adventures and lifelong friendship.

Participating in more than 30 clubs and social organizations will make the lives of students come alive and unique. APU encourages students to spend time exploring their knowledge, social activities, sports and culture.

APU offers many opportunities to participate in student life such as:

Become a member of a club or social organization or start creating your own idea of ​​making new friends, entertaining and learning.

- Make a difference by standing out in the Student Delegation Council.

- Become a Student Ambassador and support Student Services and Marketing. Selected people will have practical experience in working with diverse cultural backgrounds, creating a collective work environment in their minds even before graduation.

- Work while learning. At APU, students have the opportunity to work part time at the school for students - library assistants, IT laboratory technician assistants, programmers, multimedia developers and Student Ambassador.

- Students regularly interact with free career and career development workshops designed to acquire the necessary skills and attributes needed to be graduates of high demand in the market. school.

- Upon completion of the course at APU, you will receive a degree certificate, plus the experience and professionalism necessary for a successful career.



1. English program

- Includes 7 levels; 4 weeks / 1 level.

- English Language Packages:

1 month: 1.400USD

4 months: 4.300USD

2 months: 2.800USD

5 months: 4.900USD

3 months: 3.600USD

6 months: 5.300USD

2. Pre-university

- Time: 1 year

- Tuition fees outside the specialized field: ~ $ 6,000

- Specialized Program Fee: ~ 6.130USD

3. College Programs

- Specializations: Business Administration, Business Administration in Information Technology, Information Technology, Information Technology in Software Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Accounting.

- Duration: 2 years

- Tuition: ~ $ 11,380

4. Bachelor's degree in Business and Information Technology degrees from Staffordshire University, UK

- Bachelor (Honors): Business Administration, Business Administration in E-Business, International Business Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance Accounting, Tourism Management, Management services, marketing communications, communication technology, finance and accounting.

- BA (Honors) in Information Technology with specializations: Information Systems Security, Intelligent Systems, Computer Networking, Mobile Technology.

- Bachelor (Honors): Software Engineering, Internet Technology, E-Commerce Technology, Multimedia Technology, Business Computer, Information Technology in Enterprise.

- BA (Honors) in Interactive Entertainment Technology: Computer Game Development, Web Communications Technology, Multimedia Technology, Information Communications.

- New specializations: network security, court computer, commercial information system, animation, product design, advertising and brand management, journalism

+ Duration: 3 years

+ Tuition fees:

- Year 1: ~ $ 6,850

- Year 2: ~ $ 7,160

- Year 3: ~ $ 7,380

Bachelor of engineering

Bachelor (Honors): Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering in Information Technology, Telecommunications, Mechatronics.

+ Time: 4 years

+ Tuition fees:

- Year 1: ~ $ 6,790

- Year 2: ~ $ 6,790

- Year 3: ~ $ 7,100

- Year 4: ~ $ 7,100

6. Master's Degree Programs from the University of Staffordshire, UK: Business Administration, Business Administration (IT), Information Technology Management, Technology Management, Mobile Computer Systems , Software Engineering, Computer Science, Computer.

+ Tuition: ~ $ 11,250

7. Master's Degree Programs in Staffordshire and APU: Business Administration (European & Asian Business), International Business Relations, Global Marketing Management, Accounting, Court Accounting private and real estate.

+ Tuition: ~ $ 11,250

8. Doctoral program: Doctorate in computer science, business, finance.

+ Fees: ~ $ 14,070


APU is one of the UE school partners to participate in the "USA, Canada, Australia and other countries Education Fair 2018 "  Organized by UE Corp. and ISN. There will be many interesting and useful information about the scholarship program for you.

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