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Application deadline for fall or winter semester in Europe

Europe has the best universities in the world. Cross-border cooperation often within European countries has formed a strong international academic community with outstanding research.

Thousands of universities in Europe are providing tens of thousands of research programs in English. There, you can find any academic discipline based on academic study programs or practical application programs. There are always disciplines that meet the needs of everyone.

In recent years, international experience has become increasingly important and is of particular interest to companies in recruitment profiles. With study and research in Europe, you are equipped with practical courses for your future career success.

Many European countries are spending a lot of effort and preferential policies to convince international students to stay in their country after graduation. If you choose to study in Europe, you will most likely have the opportunity to stay in permanent employment or settle in the most desirable continent in the world.


You are intending to take a diploma or master's degree in Europe in 2018, so get ready to prepare your application soon. Some countries start receiving applications nine months before the semester begins.

Below is a summary of the timetable for some European countries:


Time of receipt of applications


June - September 2018


March 15, 2018.

For the masters program there will be a shift in time


From mid-March to June 2018.

Particularly for non-EEA citizens, the deadline for submission of applications may be ahead of time.


January 2018 (most universities);

March or April 2018 (some UAS)


July 15, 2018 (most colleges / programs)


February 1, 2018 for online submissions

May 1, 2018 for direct submission


May or June 2018, there may be a change in the college program


June 2018


April 1, 2018 or May 1, 2018 for most universities


March 15, 2018


January 16, 2018


Each school has its own term

Some schools accept records until summer

By the deadline, you must submit a complete application on the school's online application or submit your application directly. Visit the school website to check information regularly to make sure you have enough time for yourself.

For admission or masters programs in European schools you will need to meet the following general papers, depending on the school's requirements but with other items.

- Letter of application

- Curriculum vitae

What material do you need for your college application?

Applying the closing date in the table above usually means that you must then submit your complete application. Check with the university for details - but in general, applying for a Bachelor or Master means that you must submit the following documents:

- Cover Letter

- Curriculum vitae (CV or resume)

- Previous degree certificates or grade transcripts

- Copy of passport or national ID

- Proof of English proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL)

- Academic reference letters.

- Documentation for program-specific requirements.

Some schools allow the last item to be completed after you have submitted all the required documents. If you realize you have not had enough time, you can contact the school by emailing or calling directly to ask if they will accept that you will add the following.

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