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American education system

Top 5 law schools from 2017 to 2018

Law is a preeminent industry in the last decade because it is a career that promotes thinking, wisdom, and income. Whether you want to become a lawyer or a lawyer, or want to get involved in politics, business, banking or finance, there are plenty of career opportunities available.

Top schools in 2018 in life sciences, clinical and psychology

Times Higher Education (abbreviated as THE) is the world's most prestigious academic ranking. THE was founded in 1971 and has appeared online since 1995, specializing in news releases, reviews and World University Rankings by industry experts. On November 8, Top rankings of world leading universities by majors in 2018.

CIEE - The oldest international education organization in the United States

Founded in 1947, the leading non-governmental organization in the United States and the world CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) - International Education Exchange Board with more than 60 years of experience as an international exchange organization It helps members learn, practice, and work in the United States and many other countries around the world.

PhD job market in the United States: Business vs Science

While the majority of PhDs in science in the United States have undergone postdoc (Employment for PhDs in Science and Technology in the United States) and only a small number have earned an assistant professor's degree. PhDs on business usually do not go through the postdoc period but direct the assistant professor.

Navitas US. Road to prestigious universities

The Navitas Academy links with leading universities in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and Singapore ... Thousands of international students choose Navitas USA transition programs annually as the best choice for the next step. Their beginning.

Large value scholarships from STNY UNIV

The State University of New York Public School Consortium (STNY UNIV) was established in June 2017 with the aim of helping students be more proactive in approaching the information of the school, support of study abroad centers in the application process and the enrollment process of Vietnamese students.

Study business in USA

Virginia State, with 96 schools with industry-leading business and academic quality, is opening up more opportunities for students who want to study business in the United States.

Study abroad information in USA and Australia

Are you looking to study for a master's degree? Do you have any questions about the field of study and how to find scholarship? UE would like to introduce you some information about the master's program in USA and Australia. Hope can be helpful to you.

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