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Academy of Art University in USA

The Academy of Art University (AAU) is a private, arts and design education institute founded in 1929. The school is located in downtown San Francisco, Give your students a unique blend of architecture, technology, cultural diversity and urban terrain.


  With over 18,000 students, 30% of which are international students, the AAU is considered to be the largest art and design school in the United States.

AAU students will be equipped with the knowledge of art and design in an optimal way, updating most of the world's famous trends. Students will also be able to experience real-life work in parallel with their studies at the school. Even students have the opportunity to participate in competitions, great exhibitions and fame in the world.


 With more than 80 years of establishment, many prestigious organizations and associations in the US have recognized the quality of education:

- Interior Design Accreditation Council - CIDA.

- National Association of Designers of Art & Design - NASAD.

- American Association of Colleges and Schools - WASC.

- Every year, the school educates more than 18,000 students from 40 countries around the world.

AAU is a member of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Schools and Colleges in the United States (CHEA), all of which are certified by:

- Western Association of Universities and Colleges in the West Midlands WASC.

- National Association of Designers and Schools (NASAD).

- Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programs are accredited by the FIDER Furniture Design Accreditation Program.

- The Master of Architecture program is accredited by the National Association for Testing Technology Programs (NAAB).



AAU offers students the most distinctive courses in the Arts and Design field, especially the distance learning program.

Academic program

- The Academy of Art University has four faculties: Design, Entertainment, Fine Arts, and General Art. The College offers over 20 degree majors: Colleges, Bachelors, and Masters.

- Specialized training: Advertising, Architecture, Fashion, Game development, Graphic design, Multimedia communications, Web design & New media ...

 Academic English Program (EAP)

The program is designed specifically for students studying art and design. Especially students are practicing vocabulary in specific fields, commenting and giving artistic criticism.

English requirement: 80 TOEFL / 7.0 IELTS. There is a free English class.


4. Tuition


15.570 USD

Related fees

800 USD

Registration fee

40 USD

Student activity fee

50 USD

Study document

1.638 USD


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