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A journey to discover the 10 most magnificent universities in Europe

Who once had a glimpse of the splendid architecture of the buildings and the new campus can feel the huge scale of the monument to European education.

The Times Higher Education Student (abbreviated as The Times Higher or The THES - a London-based newspaper, which reports on higher education issues) has recently conducted some research. save and publish the list of universities with unique architecture and the most beautiful green space in Europe.

1. University of Bologna, Italy

The University of Bologna in Italy is considered to be the oldest university in the world still in operation, established in 1088. There are many beautiful buildings on campus, so much that you will need. Make a list to visit if you do not want to be missed.

Most prominently of these are the Collegio di Spagna pink building which is combined by two styles of medieval and Renaissance architecture. Along with it is a 2 hectare botanical garden.

Palazzo Poggi, one of the main buildings of the school, is a cluster of three museums, which are often used for exhibitions of natural history, surgery, obstetrics and physics - chemistry.


2. University of Salamanca, Spain

The oldest university in Spain and ranked 3rd among the oldest in the world, Salamanca University, was founded in 1134. The school's library is known for its Baroque style. . The Old City of Salamanca - the site of the school's buildings - has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. University of Coimbra, Portugal

Founded in 1290, the University of Coimbra of Portugal is located on a hilltop with a view down the entire city bearing the same name. This charming white building also houses the clock tower - one of the most recognizable symbols of the school.

4. University of Rostock, Germany

The University of Rostock is one of the oldest universities in Germany, famous for its Gothic buildings. Right in the middle of the campus is an eye-catching building opposite the park and fountain. Experience the zoo, city seaport nearby is equally interesting.

5. University of Aarhus, Denmark

The University of Aarhus is located in Denmark's second largest city, a sprawling, green campus stretching from campus to lake. The school is a perfect example of the harmony between architecture and the natural environment. University of Aarhus is considered one of the 12 most important architectural works in Danish history.


6. Technical University of Gdansk, Poland

The main building of Gdansk University of Technology is one of the most recognizable buildings in the school, designed in the new Renaissance in the Netherlands. The main facade of the building is of stone structure, with many symbols and statues on the campus.

7. Uppsala University, Sweden

The main building of the University of Uppsala was designed by architect Herman Teodor Holmgren in the Roman way. The school was built in 1880 and most of its buildings remain architectural from the very beginning.

8. University of Grenoble Alpes, France

Situated in the city of Grenoble in France, the school is located adjacent to the Alps and has a wonderful view. There are not many university campuses that hold up to three courses as part of the campus, but the University of Grenoble Alpes has it.

9. Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Trinity College Dublin was founded in 1952, taking the form of the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. You can explore the "Long Room" at Trinity University's Old Library, which features walkways along the marble busts, redefining the best of philosophers and writers. Trinity College has become an ideal place to study.


10. Lomonosov Moscow, Russia

Main building of the University of Lomonosov Moscow National University with an impressive height of 240m, 57m tower and a 5-star star weighs 12 tons. The building has 33km long, 5000 corridors and rooms. Surrounding the campus is the beautiful greenery area, a clear lake adorned by a small fountain.

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