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A bit of talk about university lecturers in Vietnam

University lecturers are a dream career in Vietnam. As a teacher who is highly regarded, being a teacher on campus is even more honorable.

More and more young people are striving to become knowledge transferers for students, opening them to bright career opportunities when they graduate.

Job transparency

As teacher, is she, who weighed the ink, which is still the most transparent job. Teaching is the breeding of generations with the best, not for profit, not for money.

If one considers vocational education as a job of enrichment, it is easy to fall, and it is easy to turn education into a buying and selling activity. Teaching loses meaning, jobless people can not concentrate on the job.

Teachers are always pioneers of the innovation of training, society. At any age, they will also try to change to keep pace with the present. From content reform to change of method, something or something new will be applied to students.

There are many people who go abroad to return to teaching. That's not their fault. Let's not look at the negative, look at the passion, the enthusiasm of how many teachers every day in the classroom.

Teachers' incomes are low

The income of new trainers is still low. It is difficult to cover your living, not to mention having a family responsibility. With high living costs in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, living with just the job is not easy.

Most young faculty members will need to have one or two more hands on their hands, such as tutoring in centers, or taking part in some research projects, having an online trader, receiving home attendance materials , ..

There are no professional capacity building regimes

Teaching and research are the two main tasks of university lecturers. However, at present, the university lecturers mainly finish the class, reaching the target. Research seems not to be encouraged in the right direction.

Scientific research topics are usually concentrated in teachers with academic titles, degrees and seniority. Young faculty have little opportunity to participate in the study. Moreover, the topic of the school level is not infinite so that it can be equally distributed every year.

Another more subtle reason is that the incentive is often more slogan. While salaries are not enough to cover the costs of living, faculty members are running out of work, financially and time is not available to meet the research.

Many things remain unclear

Old thinking still attaches importance to factors such as relations, money, ... so sometimes recognized as fair is not clear.

There have been no public consultations for the appointment, promotion, project bidding, ... So many teachers still confused where to put confidence.

If that condition persists, it will ease the initial enthusiasm of those who are directly in the lecture hall.

In order to create a rapid growth in the number and quality of teaching staff in universities, it is important to have adequate salary policies as well as to create favorable conditions for young staff. In teaching as well as in scientific research, they can improve their professionalism and peace of mind on the path of progress.

At each university, each department in the school is a bit different, but basically there are some shortcomings. The teachers are eager to love the job is trying to overcome all difficulties. Hopefully, with the tradition of teacher education, the education sector can transform itself to create more opportunities for teachers to keep their enthusiasm for the future of many Vietnamese young generations.

On the occasion of the Vietnam Teachers' Day, November 20, UE UE would like to send our deepest gratitude to all the teachers who are devoted to the education of our country. The best knowledge and skills. Although vocational skills are difficult, UE believes that teachers will have a firm belief in continuing to cultivate the country. UE would like to accompany the teachers in bringing the dream boat of students to a bright future!


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