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7 artificial wonders of the U.S.

7 artificial wonders of the U.S., it is also an attractive destination in the U.S.

ky quan thu 1 cua M7 artificial wonders of the U.S., it is also an attractive destination in the U.S.
 7 man-made wonders of the U.S., it is also an attractive destination in the U.S.
ky quan thu 1 cua MBrooklyn Bridge spans the river between Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York. 1855, engineer John Roebling designed ships determination to build a spectacular bridge when it is not possible for many people. But two years later, unexpected accidents happen in the case that John Roebling died and his son, Washington, was seriously injured. But Washington with the help of his wife still complete this work. In 1983, the Brooklyn Bridge was opened and the spectacular symbol of New York.

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Empire State Building on 5th Avenue in New York, was built in 1930 by architect William Lamb design. This work consists of 102 floors and was the tallest building in the world.


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Golden Gate Bridge (Golden Gate) is located on Highway 101, connecting the Golden Gate, the gateway to the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. This famous suspension bridge was built in 1933 with funding from 35 million. By 1937, the completed tree and became the world's longest suspension while. Golden Gate Bridge is considered a symbol of San Francisco.

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Hoover Dam on the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona. 1931, Hoover, 31st President of the United States, for construction to tame this ferocious river, irrigation, water storage and power generation. Tens of thousands of workers joined forces to build this dam, in which many people were killed. When completed in 1936, Hoover immediately hold 3 records: tallest dams, irrigation works most expensive, biggest power plant at that time.

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Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The mountain carved portraits of four famous presidents of the United States is Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, by sculptor Gutzon Borglum made??, completed in 1941. Each face about 18m high. Mount Rushmore every year to welcome 2.6 million visitors to visit.

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The Space Needle is located on Highway 4, the city of Seattle, Washington. Tower was built to serve the 1962 World's Fair. This work is 184m high, with a wide foot structure on the ground, narrow middle section and the top of the block just UFOs circle. The Space Needle is quickly becoming a symbol of Seattle.

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Washington Monument is located on 15, SW, Washington. This is a monument built to commemorate the first president of the United States, George Washington. Starting from 1843, but it was not until 1884, new statue completed since the Civil War. This work is 169.29 meters high, built of marble, granite and sandstone.