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5 Tips to Help You Settle into Studying in Canada

At the University of Waterloo we understand how hard it can be to move away from home to study abroad.

(UE) At the University of Waterloo we understand how hard it can be to move away from home to study abroad. These 5 tips, along with student services from our International Experience team can help! 

Tip #1: Find a mentor

Adjusting to life in Canada can initially be challenging and you may have questions on topics such as course registration, banking, and public transit. Waterloo’s International Peer Mentors can help you get matched with a Waterloo student volunteer to help guide you through your first term here.

Tip #2: Learn from those who were in your position

It’s helpful to have someone to ask questions about life in Canada and discuss any concerns you may have before you get here. Our Global Representative Program can connect you with a current Waterloo student volunteer from your home country.

Tip #3: Improve your social English

Advance your English speaking skills with our English Conversation Circles and English Conversation Partner program that aim to help you practice speaking English in social settings.

Tip #4: Pack smart

Fill your luggage wisely with valuable things that you can’t get here in Canada, things like photos of your family and friends. Don’t buy winter clothes just yet; leave that for when you get here where you’ll find many options suitable for the Canadian winter.

Tip #5: Save money by subletting

One thing that makes Waterloo unique is that the city is full of co-op students. For you this means that there are plenty of rooms available for rent from students who leave to go on their co-op placements (internships) every term. We strongly encourage that you live on-campus in residence during your first year of university. However, if you are looking to save money in upper years, subletting (taking over someone else’s lease) is a great alternative.

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