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5 quick fixes for homesick students in Canada

While in homestay for the first time, it is more than likely that homesickness will happen, but this does not mean that international students in Canada should not enjoy their experience abroad to the fullest.

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Homestay in Canada: When Homesickness Strikes

Experts describe homesickness as a stage of adjustment to something new. In this sense, dates heavy with family meetings like Christmas or New Year can emphasize the feeling of missing home. There is no reason to worry though; this is a natural feeling that is part of the experience of living abroad.

Some symptoms of homesickness include lack of motivation, anxiety and stress. The good news is that, generally speaking, it’s just adaptive to feel like that while in homestay: emotions and mind remind us we are out of our element and consequently, we can spend hours thinking about all the people and things we have left back home.

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So what to do when homesickness strikes?

Communicate!- Today, social networks, Whatsapp or Skype are here to help us keep up to date with our beloved ones at home.

Explore!- Why not take advantage of this time alone during a homestay just to try and do all those things we have always wanted to do but never dared to? Come on, it’s time to give skiing and ice-skating a go!

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Avoid isolation!- Staying indoors all the time won’t help you overcome the feeling of missing home while studying abroad so live in the now and go out this minute!

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Keep some household items near you!- That familiar photo you love or your dearest mug can do a lot while missing home. Also, preparing any of granny’s dishes can sometimes do the thing and help you relieve some stress while in homestay.

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Talk, talk, talk!- Please do not ever keep homesickness feelings to yourself! But if you just don’t feel like sharing your emotions, you could try and keep some sort of written diary.

Bear in mind these tips and you’ll see how the cloud lifts right after a few days!

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