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4 Tips for International Students Seeking US Scholarships

The competition for scholarships from universities and colleges in the US is high. You must find a way of making your application stand out from the rest. Ensure that your scholarship essay is perfectly written and emphasises your leadership skills and natural talents.

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Many international students fail to achieve their dreams of studying in the US because of the high tuition fees. Colleges and universities charge tuition fees depending on a student’s residence. Permanent residents pay in-state tuition fees while non-residents pay out-of-state tuition fees, which is higher than in-state tuition fees. The way out for international students is to apply for scholarships. Universities and colleges in the US receive thousands of scholarship applications, so if you dream of studying in the US, here are some tips to improve your chances of getting a scholarship.

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1. Send As Many Applications as Possible

Many students give up on scholarships after a few negative responses. The truth is that the competition for scholarships is high, but you can beat other students if you are persistent. Keep sending more and more applications, even after the first applications are rejected. Do not limit your options to just a few universities. Be flexible and open to learn in any university as long as it offers quality education. You can move to your preferred state after your graduation if you do not get a scholarship from any of the universities or colleges in that state.

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2. Improve your Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are important in the US system of education because they influence a student’s performance and success in his or her future profession. Many universities offer training programs to students to enhance their leadership skills. Attend such programs in your home country before you send your applications. In addition, take advantage of opportunities to volunteer as a leader in youth groups in your community. The basic skills you acquire may be the difference between getting a positive and negative response to your application. Remember to cite your experience in your application, no matter how short your leadership tenure was.

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3. Work On Your Natural Talents

One of the considerations when granting scholarships is a student’s talents or gifts beyond his or her academic performance. You can get a scholarship if you have an outstanding talent in extra-curricular activities. For instance, you can get an athletic scholarship if you are a good athlete. Train harder and participate in competitions. You may get an opportunity to further your studies and perfect your talent at the same time.

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4. Perfect Your Writing Skills

The process of applying for a scholarship includes writing a scholarship essay. You have a chance to express yourself and persuade university administrators to consider your application. You may miss an opportunity for a scholarship even when you are more qualified than other students are if your essay is poorly written. Research and learn how to write perfect scholarship essays. Proofread each essay thoroughly before sending. You can ask another person to read it and determine your level of persuasion and writing skill. You may have to write several essays until you get a perfect one that will make your dream come true.


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