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3 Hot courses in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small but wealthy country in Europe, the Netherlands' happiness index is also the world leader. Referring to the Netherlands, people remember tulips, windmills and bicycles in the context of peaceful cities. But the Netherlands is well known for its high quality education, attracting a large number of international students every year.

In this country, there are many forms of higher education institutions, in which there are two major forms of research universities and universities of applied sciences. Research universities are responsible for providing theoretical research programs. Universities of applied science have programs focused on the application of science and art into practice. Universities usually have two major admission periods in February and September.

Some of the typical Dutch universities can be named: HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Wageningen University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Groningen, Leiden University, Utrecht University , Delft University of Technology, University of Amsterdam, ...

The prominent Dutch training disciplines are Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, Electronics / Electrical, Biotechnology, Environment, Urban Planning, Hotel Tourism, Science life, etc. There are three sectors that are "hot" today is Engineering, Social Sciences and Environmental Sciences and Agriculture.


In the world rankings, many of the Netherlands's leading institutions of engineering education. Delft University of Technology is honored with 19 global awards in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering; Ranked 14th in the field of Building and Infrastructure Engineering.

Construction Engineering (Civil Engineering) is an industry developed to support the design, construction and maintenance of works for both the public and private sectors. You can choose from a variety of specializations ranging from Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering to Nanotechnology. This variety makes it possible for students to choose their favorite subject.


Students may choose to pursue engineering degrees, from Bachelor's, Master's degree to PhD, and short-term training programs for engineers who already work.

 The specialty of the discipline is a broad range of disciplines, which allows for the selection of jobs related to the program you have studied at the university. However, areas such as Building, Fabrication and Structural Engineering can be included, or work on projects for the preservation of architectural works.

In addition, the issue of infrastructure development in the country also promises more employment and income opportunities, with the opportunity to travel while working for international companies. However, graduate students may also choose to pursue further undergraduate programs in business, law, journalism, even in the specialized subject area.

Social science

Getting to the Netherlands, you will understand what an ideal free society is. In 2014, the country was ranked # 4 on the Social Progress Index. The Dutch are very straightforward and open. Balanced thought is everywhere. This is also the reason why the Netherlands became the happiest country in the world.

Studying the social sciences in the Netherlands is the best way to access social issues from a holistic perspective, focusing on using more evidence, facts and being taught to create. Various options before finding the final answer.


The Netherlands has strong links with European countries and major economies such as the US and Australia, and Politics, International Relations and Sociolinguistics students will learn a great deal about global issues. as well as new social ideas.

The well-known social science schools are Leiden University and the University of Amsterdam. In the global rankings, Leiden University ranked 34th and University of Amsterdam ranked 44th in Politics and International Studies. The University of Amsterdam is also ranked 18th in the field of Sociology.

Environmental Science and Agriculture

This country is famous for its huge windmills. Everywhere, seeing the windmill, people think of the beautiful Netherlands. But behind the windmill?

It is 2.8% contributing to the national GDP of the agricultural sector.

It is ranked 11th in the world for environmental activities.

Rank 2 on water

Is No. 1 on the effects of water and sanitation on health.


The goal of the Dutch government until 2050 is to generate 40% of electricity produced from environmentally sustainable sources, such as wind, sea and biomass. Over this period, CO2 emissions are also planned to drop to half. Being one of the major refineries in the continent, the Netherlands is now aiming to become a leading hub for green technology.

You can choose to attend Wageningen University and Delft University of Technology. The two schools rank 8th and 19th respectively in the global rankings in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

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