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3 great way to expand your social relationship when you study in Simon Fraser College, Canada

Expanding your relationship in the process of studying in Canada will give you more color in international students. As a college student Simon Fraser, would you use a way to add more friends and other relationships?

As a large-scale university in the state of British Columbia, Simon Fraser is currently teaching over 30,000 students. Not only is a well-known young university of high quality, Simon Fraser is also proud to be one of the 25 most friendly people in Canada. This is also one of the factors that will help you to feel a better heart when deciding to join the course at Simon Fraser.

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However, any first international student who goes to Canada to study abroad will also be leaving with many new people in the first stage. There are a lot of things you need to get used to, from learning styles, lifestyle, eating, and getting to know new friends here. There are friends, the most important requirements are sure. They will be the ones who will share your precious and synchronized experiences in a life here. If you are an international student at Simon Fraser University, will you begin to expand the relationship in the large student community like this? 3 great way that you need to remember offline.

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1. Point out hello and smile to everyone
International students often have the feeling of being out of contact with new friends. You can even place a department by yourself as the default student map or other international student you are stranger to and communication mode. However, this is not a positive pole. Remember, all of you are in the same school and will have a long time in the course, so please open your heart. Please ready to smile and say hello when needed: on the bus, in the classroom, in the course of activities, ...

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2. Walk outside to replace it throughout the house
You are not an international student because you are having difficulty discovering new things in Canada, so it is often hidden in your home. You are watching movies, games or social networking, ... That is wrong. Actually, there are many benefits to going out to meet friends. You can explore new places in Canada, learn about native activities, get to know more people outside of the outdoors, and so on. Especially your spirit is better. Fall into tension because of being alone abroad. You can not go to a continental USA.


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3. Regularly update the e-mail that the school sends
You probably have to by default that school e-mail is often more conditional because it tends to be related to research related issues. However, this may not be true. For example, the International Student Services Division at Simon Fraser University organizes activities for students to engage and interact with each other and these events are always promoted through e-mail. This will some great size if you have email like this. Pay attention and pay attention to these e-mails.

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Experience to get acquainted with your classmates, really, but with true sharing from college student Simon Fraser, Canada, you will be more confident when you start your courses here.

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