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2017 - 2018 University of Liverpool Study Scholarships

Liverpool University was founded in 1881 in Liverpool. Liverpool is consistently ranked among the top universities in the UK and in the world. The school's history has seen eight Nobel Prizes produced by the elite of this place.

The school is a pioneer in the integration of research and learning. Each year the school spends around £ 123 million on research. Liverpool currently has three campuses. The largest campus in Liverpool, two campuses located in Brownlow Hill and Mount Pleasant. There are about 21,000 students studying.

With 103 subjects designed for more than 230 courses, Liverpool is providing a rich and varied program system for students and students. About 6,000 students from all over the world go to Liverpool for study and research.

Education program

The basic training departments of Liverpool University include:

- Social Science and Communication
- Technical
- Travel and restaurants, hotels
- Computer science
- Business and management
- Architecture and construction

Tuition fees

- English Course: £ 1,680- £ 11,000
- Pre-university: £ 12,750 - £ 17,000
- University: £ 13,000 - £ 17,000
- Pre-master's: £ 11,000 - £ 15,000
- Master: £ 15,000 - £ 20,000


Input requirements

- IELTS minimum 6.0 for undergraduate and 7.0 for master level.

- If you do not have a foreign language you can register for a pre-university or pre-university course, then transfer to a university.


Every year, the University of Liverpool devotes a large number of scholarships to international students:

- Liverpool International College (LIC) Merit Award £ 1,000 for first-year non-clinical students.

Eligibility: All international students who score more than 70% on a LIC Foundation Year course will continue to study at a non-clinical level.

- LLB Law for Graduates Scholarship first year of study £ 1,000 for first-year undergraduate.

Prerequisites: LLB Law for Graduates Scholarships for international students outside the EU with excellent results.

- Liverpool International College (LIC) Regional Progression Award £ 1.500.

Qualifications: Auto scholarships for Vietnamese students.

- Liverpool International College (LIC) First Class Award £ 1,000 per year.

Prerequisite: All students score over 70% on the Foundation certification and continue to maintain that level.

- Sports Liverpool Scholarships: £ 2.000.

Condition: The talented athlete competed in the national or international tournament.


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