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20 - 50% scholarship from CATS Academy Boston

CATS Academy Boston is a prestigious boarding school in the United States and a member of the prestigious Cambridge Education Group (CEG) in the UK. The school is located in Boston - one of the three best cities in the world.

Boston is home to more than 100 colleges and universities with more than 250,000 students. Among them are Harvard, MIT and Boston University.

The Cambridge Education Group is a leading education provider in the field of academic education, English and innovative academic programs in the UK. In September 2012, CATS Academy Boston officially became a member of this educational group.

CATS Academy Boston is a private, intramural, boarding school for students in grades 9-12. The school was built in 1893 and was once a Catholic school for local students. The latter was extended to international students enrolled.

CATS always pay attention to the development of each student. With schools, students are always at the center of innovation and target activities. Here, each teacher thinks that helping students is the most important mission. The school also has a team of enthusiastic and experienced teachers who have graduated from prestigious universities in the United States. With a dedicated team of teachers, the graduation rate for students at CATS is high: 12% of high school graduates have received offers from top 50 US schools and 30% Become a student of the top 100 schools.

The school offers free ESL programs for unqualified international students, free SAT preparation classes for students preparing for college applications. CATS offers 14 advanced classes for students who are good at it. In parallel with the academic program, the school also focuses on developing extra-curricular activities with rich choices. Clubs include badminton, football, basketball, volleyball, dance, swimming, table tennis, photography, fashion, golf, chess, go ...

CATS enrolls students in the English, secondary and preparatory programs for students in grades 8 and above.


- Experienced and dedicated trainers. 36% of teachers graduated from leading universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Brown, Columbia.

- Free, unlimited ESL and free SAT preparation classes.

- 14 Advanced Placement courses for good students.

- A detailed and structured college counseling program, run by Sophia Meas, who has 10 years of experience working at the Harvard Admissions Office, has been following the children since the 9th grade.

- Students have a wide choice of sports and community services, both holistic and holistic.

- Adequate admission and tuition fees, easy procedures.

- Opportunity to receive 20-50% scholarships.

- Equipments and modern facilities.

- Small classes help to ensure care and teaching to each student.

- 100% of CATS Academy Boston students transfer to Top 50 and 100 US universities.



The goal of CATS Academy Boston is to provide students with a holistic, three-pronged education that includes: academic knowledge, sports and extracurricular activities, and social activities.

Program Structure at CATS Academy Boston:

- Basic subjects: math, science, English, art.

- Elective Courses: Economics, Speech ...

- Advanced Placement courses.

- Free SAT preparation.

- English language enrichment program for international students with unlimited duration.

- Academic Admissions and Academic Transition Assistance Program.

In 2014, CATS Academy Boston achieved excellent results with a 100% transfer rate to Top 50 and 100 universities in the United States, of which 73% received scholarships of $ 30,000-88,000. .



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CATS Academy Boston is offering a range of scholarships worth between 20-50% for students entering January 2018. In addition, the school will donate $ 1,500 in invoice after student visa applications.

All students will be interviewed before embarking on a visa interview at the Embassy to ensure that you are getting the best results. One good news for you is the enrollment in September 2017, the percentage of students who pass the visa is 87%.



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