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10 - 30% scholarships from Oncampus Amsterdam - CEG Netherlands

ONCAMPUS UK and The Netherlands The Cambridge Education Group (CEG) specializes in teaching students the University Foundation Program (UFP), International Year 1, Master's Foundation Program (MFP) and English Language Preparation Program (ELPP) International students want to study in the UK and the Netherlands.

ONCAMPUS The Netherlands has two major campuses: the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Reasons for choosing a foundation course at the University of Amsterdam

- Oncampus Amsterdam is located on the campus of the University of Amsterdam - the school's top 50 best schools in the world.

- CEG is the only partner of the university, offering a foundation program at the University of Amsterdam.

The curriculum is designed in a comprehensive manner, including English and specialized subjects, with a total of 26 hours per week to help students prepare well and meet the high requirements of the Bachelor program. study Amsterdam. Students are monitored regularly and always receive feedback from their teachers and tutors to ensure that the goals are met.

- Teaching staff and support staff come from many countries, speak many languages ​​and are experienced. Students receive intensive counseling and support during their studies.

- The OC Amsterdam Course attracts students from many different countries and cultures. As a result, students' English is improved and students truly experience an international environment.

- CEG supports students enthusiastically during the preparation of their undergraduate degree at OnCampus Amsterdam.

- Students of the OC Amsterdam will receive student ID cards from the University of Amsterdam and can use the facilities, join clubs and activities for students of the University. That student card will continue to be used when you become a student at the University of Amsterdam.

- Students have the opportunity to work part-time, participate in exchange programs while students. After graduation, students have the opportunity to work and settle.


Reasons to choose Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is a modern university with a long history. The school has world-class research and teaching facilities and focuses on helping students think independently and comprehensively.

- The school ranked No. 7 for the best teaching in the world (according to Universitas 21).

- The top 60 schools and the top 30 best schools in Europe (according to the Times Higher Education 2015-2016).

- Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest universities in the Netherlands specializing in economics.

- The school assists in finding suitable accommodation for students.

School nearby amusement parks, museums, famous street tourists annually, such as the 2.3 miles international sports center (about 15 minutes by bike); The Imperial Palace is 1.1 miles (about 10 minutes by bike); Chinatown - Nieuwmart 0.9 miles (about 5 minutes by bike); 1.3 miles from the Rijiksmuseum (about 10 minutes by bike), 0.9 miles from the Amsterdam Flower Market (about 10 minutes by bike).

- The school has existing facilities, full facilities, libraries, restaurants at school ...

CEG The Netherlands offers a foundation program for high school graduates in Vietnam to improve English language skills, mathematics, study skills, economics, and study in the classroom. small and medium sized, and truly student-centered environment right on the campus of the University of Amsterdam and the University of Applied Amsterdam.






- BSc Economics & Business (BA in Economics and Business)

- BSc Econometrics and Operations Research (Bachelor of Business Studies and Economics)

- BSc Actuatial Science (Bachelor of Science in Insurance)

- BSc PPLE: Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (BA in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics)

- International Business and Management Studies

- International Business and Languages (International Business and Languages)



 January and September

Dead line

 January: October 15 every year; September: May 1 every year


- Age:> 17 years old

- High school graduation, grade 12> = 7.0 / 10

- English

  Business Sector: September: IELTS 5.0 (4.5); January: IELTS 5.5 (5.0)

  + PPLE industry: September: IELTS 5.5 (5.5); January: IELTS 6.0 (5.5)

- CV

- Motivation letter

- Bank statement € 10, 800

- taking math tests

- Interview (for PPLE)

- Age:> 18 years old
- Graduated from high school (graduated)
- English
  + September: IELTS 5.0 (4.5)
  + January: IELTS 5.5 (5.0)
- CV
- Motivation letter
- Bank statement € 10, 800


 € 5,500 / term or € 16,500 / year / 3 terms

Other costs


- Application fee: € 200 (non-refundable)

MVV fee: € 325

- Books: € 50 - € 100 / month

- Insurance: € 500 per year

- Cost of living: € 400 - € 500 / month

- Transportation fee: € 40 - € 100 / month

- House :

  + Private room through school partners: € 400 - € 550 / month

  + Accommodation in partnership with the school: € 300 - € 350 per month

  + Student hotel: € 595 - € 925 / mont


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