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$ 28,800 scholarships from William Academy High School

William Academy is a private secondary school, located in Toronto, Canada's multicultural economic center.

The founders of the school assert that their mission is to inspire confidence, success and academic love of each student, providing them with the tools they need to become leaders. tomorrow. With extensive experience working with students from around the world, William Academy has developed and created a reputation for innovation and excellence.

The William Institute believes that every student is unique, and with the right support, every student can succeed. To ensure that students are properly supported, William Academy employs only Ontario-certified teachers who are considered one of the best teachers in the world. Small class sizes monitor each student's progress and determine their strengths and weaknesses. 42% of graduates received scholarships during their studies.

Courses offered at our school are developed under the guidance of the Ontario Ministry of Education. Upon graduation, our students will receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, which not only allows them to access Canadian universities but also universities around the world. 96% of the students of William Academy are receiving approval from prestigious universities such as the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo and McMaster University.


The school is committed to helping students achieve academic excellence through a team of experienced instructors, specialized programs and unique teaching methods. William Academy has a team of experienced teachers in helping newcomers better align themselves with the Canadian education system. All our teachers are licensed teachers with a professional teacher training certificate. Our teachers continually provide 1 to 1 instruction for students who need extra help after school.

William Academy boasts three beautiful campuses for students to choose from.

The William Academy Academy, Scarborough is located on a quiet suburb at 3761 Victoria Park Ave with public access and other amenities. The Scarborough Campus provides a comfortable environment away from the bustle of the city for students who want to avoid the distractions that city life brings. Students wishing to participate in urban life on weekends are still able to access libraries, shopping centers and sports facilities all within walking distance of the school.

Cobourg is located one hour from Toronto in a rich historic town, 300 meters from the beach. The historic school was founded in 1900 and is the first public high school in the area. The campus has 2 gymnasiums, a music and dance room, and a cafeteria. Students at the William Cobourg Institute become part of the community and participate in social and cultural events that take place throughout the year.

Toronto is a safe and diverse city with over 100 languages ​​and dialects spoken by the people. Toronto is also the financial center of Canada and third in North America. This is Canada's largest employment hub for both manufacturing and services. Students have many opportunities to get jobs during the summer or after graduation. In addition, Ontario has the highest employment rate for new graduates in Canada in the past two years, higher than British Columbia and Quebec.


Study program

William Academy offers a range of courses for new students such as Ontario high school courses, university preparatory courses, and university intensive courses. In addition, there are ESL programs, study abroad winter / summer camps and international exchange programs for international students. With a wide variety of services to choose from, William Academy is sure to meet the needs of any student.

For international students, William Academy has a team of professionals to help you with your visa application and help you settle new life in Canada. They also have boarding houses for students under the age of 18. They also assist 12th grade students with college and university application processes.

ESL program

There are 5 levels from A to E to diversify your English learning strategy. Students who complete high E level from our school, will develop fluency in English through various means such as reading, writing, listening, grammar and speaking.

Certified ESL teachers use comprehensive methods and teaching methods to maximize their English language skills. William Academy offers students various resources to practice and improve their English skills through language and computer labs, books and magazines, videos and movies.

The intensive ESL program consists of 6 weeks each and 20 hours per week. Small interactive ESL programs allow only 10 to 15 students per class. Students receive personal attention and assistance from the teacher. This allows students to improve quickly.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will have the skills and knowledge to successfully integrate into the North American English classes.


Summary of the content of the program




Level A: Introduction and foundation of English and North American culture


Listening and speaking comprehensively

Basic Vocabulary and Spelling

Introduction to Reading and Writing

Level B: Intermediate understand English as Second Language

Spelling and Introduction to Grammar

Read and Write Intermediate

Intermediate listening and Pronunciation Lab

Level C: Comprehensive study on critical thinking skills and writing for ESL

Introduction Critical Thinking about Reading and Writing

Listen and Speak Lab

Learn intermediate English

Level D: Learn to improve your reading and writing skills for ESL

Concentrated learning skills of critical thinking in reading and writing

Listen and Speak Lab

Learn English Advanced

Level E: Intensive ESL study on all types of learning requirements

Academic Reading and Writing Room

Professional recording, Listening and Speaking

Communication and computer presentation

Tuition fees for international students (Canadian dollars)

Ontario High School / University Preparation Program

$ 16.800.00 per year

Program Spring12 Gr.12

$ 26.800.00 per year

Elite program

$ 26.800.00 per year

Arts & Travel Program

$ 26.800.00 per year

Other mandatory fees

Registration fee


300,00 USD

Health Insurance Fee

 600.00 USD per year

Unified fee

500 USD

School fees (including 3-day Ottawa sightseeing + 4 events)

800,00 USD per year


 600.00 USD per year

Legal fee of Custodian (if under 18 years)

250 USD

Admission Fee (GR.12 only)

600 USD

Scholarships in 2018

Following the scholarship program in 2017, to continue to support international students with academic excellence who have the opportunity to study at the university, William Academy has a 2018 scholarship program as follows:

1. William Academy's Principal Scholarships for International Students:

* Number of scholarships: 30

* GPA: 7.5 or above; IELTS: 5.5 or higher

* Scholarships: C $ 1,000 - C $ 1,500

2. William Academy's Entrance Scholarship for Local and International Students:

* Number of scholarships: 15

* Value of scholarships: C $ 5,000 - C $ 16,800

* Students will be interviewed for selection

3. Future World Leader Scholarship Award:

* Number of scholarships: 5

* Value of scholarships: C $ 28,800 (including: C $ 16,800 tuition fee / year + C $ 12,000 living expenses)

* Students will be interviewed for selection

Application deadline for the September 2011 semester: before April 3, 2015.

To An

University of British Columbia, Canada Bachelor Degrees of 2018

Studying in Canada in the state of British Columbia is the choice of many young people. British Columbia, Canada's most prosperous province, has a vibrant economy, young and diverse population, has a close business relationship with the world's major economies, and the warmest climate in Canada. The province also has two famous cities, Victoria and Vancouver.

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a state university, spanning over 100 years of founding as one of Canada's leading research and teaching institutions. The quality of the University of British Columbia's education is recognized by many top ranking systems, from the state, the country to the world.


University of British Columbia was founded in 1908. The school impresses with a number of outstanding achievements: seven Nobel Prizes, 69 Rhodes Scholars, 65 Olympic medals, 195 scholarships from the Royal Canadian Society with two alumni. Prime Minister of Canada: John Turner - 17th prime minister, Kim Campbell - 19th Prime Minister and Canada's first female prime minister.

By 2015, UBC is among the top 50 in the global university, and also ranks third in the Top Universities in Canada. In the Times Higher Education's latest rankings, British Columbia ranked 34th.

UBC offers a wide variety of programs in the fields of Applied Science, Engineering, Commerce, Design, Humanities, Forestry, Law, Medicine, etc. from the undergraduate to postgraduate level.

UBC owns two large campuses in Vancouver and Okanaga, on the Pacific coast of British Columbia, close to Seattle. The campus has attracted, trained and transcended more than 60,000 students from Canada and students studying in Canada in more than 140 countries around the world.

At UBC, students will enjoy modern facilities, facilities, serve effectively for study and research. The school library is ranked 22nd in the world of the Association of Research Libraries, with 6.5 million books, 875,670 e-books, 846,000 maps, videos and millions of other research materials. In a great place like Vancouver and learning in a great UBC base, you will think of studying at "heaven on earth".

UBC has a $ 21 million budget dedicated to the scholarship fund. Since 2001, the school has provided many valuable scholarships to excellent students from 110 countries around the world.


1. International Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship

This scholarship is called the International Tomorrow Leader, which is dedicated to international students enrolled at the undergraduate level. These students, in addition to good academic performance, must contribute to the general community, and have the necessary leadership skills. Many students in specialties such as sports, art won this scholarship.

Another note is that the scholarship is for students to extend their scholarships throughout the school year if they meet the school's requirements.

To apply for this scholarship, you must be nominated by your high school / college / university.

2. IMES scholarships

If the student has been approved by UBC, the applicant's records will be automatically considered based on academic achievement. There is an automated system to ensure that the scholarship is granted to the right subjects. In addition to good academic conditions, if you have a lot of experience in extracurricular activities during high school years, it is a big plus when the school offers this scholarship.

3. OIS scholarships

The OIS Scholarship, also known as the International Student Scholarship, is also automatically granted on the school's enrollment system when you apply. The two basic conditions are good academic performance and have participated in many extracurricular activities.

If IMES can be extended throughout the school year, the OIS will be issued only once at the beginning of the school year.



HOTLINE: +84 1800 6972 (FREE CALL)

Head Office

Address: 21 Mai Thi Luu, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCMC​

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